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  • Search for and get detailed information about registered sex offenders.

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Search for and locate registered sex offenders in Arkansas.  These are listed by county and city. 

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Sex Offenders Registered in Arkansas Counties  

(AR Sex Offenders)

Baxter County, Arkansas Sex Offenders Map

Benton County Sex Offenders & Map

Benton County, Arkansas Sheriff's Office

Boone County Sex Offenders & Map

Boone County, Arkansas Sheriff's Office

Cleburne County Sex Offenders Map

Faulkner County, Arkansas Sex Offenders Map

Faulkner County, Arkansas Sheriff's Office

Grant County, Arkansas Sex Offenders Map

Grant County, Arkansas Sheriff's Office

Hot Spring County Sex Offenders

Izard County Sex Offenders Map

Jackson County, Arkansas Sex Offenders Map

Jefferson County, Arkansas Registered Sex Offenders Map

Johnson County Sex Offenders Map

Madison County Sex Offenders

     Madison County Sex Offenders Map

Miller County, Arkansas Sex Offender Search

Perry County, Arkansas Sex Offenders Map

Perry County, Arkansas Sheriff's Office

Pulaski County, Sex Offender Search

Saline County, Arkansas Sex Offenders Map

Van Buren, AR Sex Offender Map

Washington County / Fayetteville Sex Offender Search

Yell County Sex Offenders List

Sex Offenders Registered in Arkansas Cities

Fort Smith, AR Sex Offenders Search

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Jonesboro, Arkansas Internet Predators and Sex Offenders Map

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Russellville, Arkansas Sex Offender Search

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Texarkana, AR Sex Offenders

     Alternate Link for Texarkana Sex Offenders

     Texarkana Sex Offender Search & Notification

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Sex Offenders Registered On or Near

Arkansas University or College Campuses

Pulaski Technical College Sex Offender Policy & Notification

Pulaski Tech Campus Police

Southern Arkansas University Registered Sex Offenders

University Police Department.


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Arkansas Sex Offenders In The News

Posted 2/21/12 at

Missing Girl's Case Highlights Sex Offender Use of Social Media


Investigators say missing 16 year-old Angela Allen was corresponding with the main suspect in her disappearance, Lloyd Jones, through text message and a social networking site.

The Sebastian County sheriff took the opportunity Friday to encourage parents, to get more involved in their kids lives online, but some are asking whether law enforcement should do more to keep sex offenders off-line.

It's been eight years since Robert Combs was convicted of mailing child pornography from overseas to Arkansas.

"I did what they said I did, I really screwed up, I violated the boundaries, that's not me anymore,' said Combs.

Now, he volunteers as an advocate and says his biggest challenge is making sure the law doesn't make it impossible for those who've paid their debt to society to find a place in it.

"If you can't find housing, if you can't find employment and you don't have support in the community, there is a good chance you'll go back to prison," Combs added.

Right now authorities are investigating the case of a missing girl who's body may have been found stuffed in a barrel in Sebastian County and a sex offender she met online.  The case is re-igniting the debate on whether sex offenders should have access to social networking sites.

Last week a Louisiana judge ruled the state's newest law banning sex offenders from many social networking sites violated the first amendment, and Combs agreed with the ruling.

Right now sex offenders are supposed..... Read the entire article.

Arkansas Sex Offenders Code

Sex Offender Registration


Sex Offenders are required to register in Arkansas.  Details on the Sex Offender Registration Act of 1997 can be found in Arkansas Code Annotated 12-12-901 -- 12-12-920.


Who is Required to Register?

  • Any individual who is convicted of certain sex offenses and offenses against children.

  • Any individual who was incarcerated, on probation or parole, or serving any other form of community supervision as the result of an adjudication of guilt for the listed offenses as of this Act's effective date.

  • Any person who is acquitted on the grounds of mental disease or defect for the listed offenses.

  • Any person who was required to register under the Habitual Child Sex Offender Registration Act, Arkansas Code Annotated 12-12-901.

  • A sex offender moving to or returning to this state from another jurisdiction shall register with the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction within 3 business days of establishing residency.

Other Requirements

Arkansas law also requires the offender to:

  • Report to the local law enforcement agency within 10 days after release from incarceration or after the date of sentencing or within 3 days of moving into Arkansas from another state.

  • Provide registration information, along with fingerprints and a photograph.

  • Inform the Arkansas Crime Information Center in writing of any change in residence address within Arkansas not later than 10 days before establishing residency at a new address.

  • Inform the Arkansas Crime Information Center in writing of any change in residence address to another state, and also to inform a designated law enforcement agency in the new state, not later than 10 days before establishing residency in the new state.

  • Return a Verification of Residence address form every 6 months (every 3 months for a designated sexually violent predator.)

  • Remain registered for 15 years (lifetime for a sexually violent predator or if convicted of an aggravated sex offense or multiple offenses) from the date of release from incarceration or being placed on parole or probation or other supervision.

  • Release from these registration requirements may only be obtained from a court.

Failure to Register

A person who fails to register, who fails to report changes of address or fails to comply with assessment as required, shall be guilty of a Class C. felony.

Registered Sex Offenders on the Web

All registered sex offenders in the State of Arkansas are required to submit an assessment by the Sex Offender Screening & Risk Assessment Program coordinated by the Arkansas Department of Correction.  Each offender is assigned a risk level based on the results of the assessment.  Offenders failing to submit to assessment are assigned default Risk Level 3.

Arkansas Code Annotated 12-12-913 (j)(1)(A), mandates that information on registered sex offenders determined to pose the highest level of risk to the public (Level 3 and Level 4), must be available on the Arkansas state website by January 1, 2004.  Recent changes in the law have added public access to information regarding Level 2 offenders who were 18 or older and the victim was 14 or younger at the time of the offense.

Based on information obtained from the risk assessment process, offenders are assigned the following levels:

  • Level 1: Low Risk - an offender who is considered to pose a low risk to the community, warranting minimal notice for protection of the community.  State agencies such as the police are notified of this type of offender.  Any victims of the offener are notified as well as anyone living in the household with the victim.

  • Level 2: Moderate Risk - an offender who is considered to pose a moderate risk to the community, warranting limited notice for the protection of the community.  All of the individuals and agencies from level 1 offenders are notified of a level 2 offender, as well as state licensing boards and schools.

  • Level 3: High Risk - an offender who is considered to pose a high risk to the community.  All of the entities for level 1 and 2 are notified, as well as all community members likely to come into contact with the offender.  We usually notify a one square mile radius.

  • Level 4: Sexually Violent Predator - an offender who is considered to pose the highest risk to the community.  The entire community is notified to the presence of this offender.  This level of offender is commonly known as the sexually violent predator.

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