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A Founder of Bailey, Banks and Biddle.
Inside front cover, upper right hand corner:
Joseph T. BAILEY

Paper pasted inside front cover:
This old Family Bible is not to become the property of any one of my children -
but is to remain the property jointly to the members of any branch of the
BAILEY Family - my children and new children.
It is to be kept in the Fire Proof Vault of the Bailey Banks & Biddle Co. and
is never to be removed from the premises of The Bailey Banks & Biddle Co.
My Executors will please deposit it in the Pennsylvania Historical Society
for safe keeping.
Oct. 15 1914.


Benjamin BAILEY and Hannah his wife Married June 5th 1777.

Major BAILEY and Lucy BENEDICT Married November 24th 1804.

Eli M. BAILEY and Esther Ann WHITNEY Married 21 June 1834.

Joseph T. BAILEY and Mary POTTER Married June 21 1834.

Benjamin M. NORMAN and Emily BAILEY October 9 1840.

1st Page

Written across the top of page above the regular Birth listings as if written in later:
Father --- Major BAILEY Born May 21st 1783.
Lucy BAILEY his wife June 23rd 1786.

Benjamin BAILEY Born December 9th 1756.
Hannah his wife Born Feby 10th 1761.

Their Eldest Daughter Nabbe Born April 4th 1778.

Their Second Daughter Amme Born May 14th 1780.

Their Eldest Son.
Major Born May 21st 1783.

Their Second Son.
Eli Born November 12th 1786.

Their Third Daughter
Nabbe Born July 18th 1791.

Their Third Son
Edmond Born March 20th 1794.

Their Fourth Daughter
Deborah Born March 4th 1796.
(penned in later: married Schofield).

Their fourth Son
Anson Born August 1st 1798.

Joshua HOYT Born Jany 15 1801.

1st a Son Born Sept 13th 1805.

2nd Joseph T. BAILEY
Born Dec 16th 1806.

3rd Son Eli Worcott BAILEY
Born February 21st 1809.

4th Emily BAILEY Oldest Daughter
Born February 6th 1811.

5th a Son Peter H. BAILEY
Born May 24th 1813.

6th Mary White BAILEY
Born Oct 20th 1814.

7th Hannah BAILEY
Born December 22nds 181?.

8th Son Peter W. BAILEY
Born Sept 19th 1819.

2nd Page

9th Julia BAILEY
Born May 3rd 1827.

Jos. T. BAILEY Jr.
first child of Jos T. and Mary P. BAILEY.
Born March 29th 1835.
at Philadelphia??.

Mary Whitney BAILEY
first child of W. W. and Esther A. BAILEY
Born April 17th 1835.
at New York.

Frances Hayes BAILEY
Second child of E. W. and Esther A. BAILEY.
Born January 8th 1838.
at New York.

Second child of Jos T. and Mary P. BAILEY
Born at Philad March 15 1838.

third child of Jos T. and Mary P. BAILEY
Born May 8 1839.

Benjamin Norman BAILEY
third child of E. W. and Esther Ann BAILEY
Born October 10, 1840.

The following record written by
Joseph Trowbridge BAILEY (2) Philadelphia 1892.
Joseph T. BAILEY (2) son of Joseph T. BAILEY (first)
born March 29 1835.
Married Catherine Goddard WEAVER daughter of
Joseph B. WEAVER and Abby his wife on Sept 1 1857 at Newport RI.
Their Children:
1 Emily (2) BAILEY born Nov 29 1858.
3 Charles Weaver BAILEY born Oct 20 1861.
2 Joeph Trowbridge BAILEY (3) born June 15 1860.
4 Kathryn Louis BAILEY born May 28 1871.
all of Philadelphia.

Emily (2) married first H. A. BURROUGHS
Second E. B. AYMAN

Jos Trowbidge (3) married Amy THOMSON.

Charles Weaver married Annie SLOAN.

Kathy Louis married Com de Sibrous ??.

Eldest Daughter Nabbe Died July 1st 1788. Aged 10 years, two months, and 26 Days.

Hannah my wife Died, Nov 6th 1800. Aged 38 years, 8 mo and 26 Days.

Second Daughter Amme Died Dec 23rd 1802 aged 21 years, 7 mo and 9 Days.

Benjamin BAILEY Instantly Killed by the overseting of a Cart June 21st 1807 aged 50 years 6 mo and 12 Days.

Third Daughter Nabbe Died Jany 23rd 1810 aged 18 years, six mo and 5 Days.

Samuel B. BAILEY Died May 21st 1823 aged 43.

E. W. A. BAILEY Died August 1st 1824 aged 37, 8 mo, 21 days.

3rd Page

My Eldest Son Died Oct 6th 1805.

Peter Hayes BAILEY Died Oct 22 1814.

Peter Hayes BAILEY Died September 19th 1821 aged 2 years.

Julia Died November 16th 1826 aged 5 years 6 mo 13 Days.

Our Father Major BAILEY Died January 23rd 1833.
Aged 49 years 8 months and 3 days.
His death was caused by an an injury received from a fall
on board of the Brig Evelina Sept 10th 1832 from which time
he lingered until his death exhibiting a wonderful degree that
???tence and asignation for which he was always characterised -
Till his death his mental faculties were never failed,
which gave him abundant time for reflection and to fully
explore his feelings and sentiments ?????? to his approaching end.
At peace with God and his own conscience and the full assurance of
meeting us all in Heaven he had to exclaim "But for the parting
with you my wife and children, Death has no terrors for me.

Joshua BENEDICT Died March 16th 1825 aged 72.

Charles A. BARNUM Died Feby 11th 1830 aged 41.

Hannah STILES Died June 16th 1823 aged 41.

Lois WILSON Died April 14th 1824 aged 45.

Great Grand Father
Bennoni BAILY Died May 1793 and was
Buried on ?? Training day aged abut 96 years.
He was the first we know of our family.

Samuel BAILEY (grandfather) Died in March 1898. Aged near 80 years.

Ebenezer BAILEY (Uncle) Died March 31 1801. Aged 41 years & 10 months.

Edmund BEELE Died August 2nd 1810. Aged 45 years.

Samuel BAILEY 2nd (Uncle) Died April 1814. Aged (nothing more written here).

Anson BAILEY Died January 28th 1839. Aged 4????
near Fayeteville N.C.

Ruth BENEDICT Died August 16th 1838. Aged 84 years
at P???pace.

Anna BAILEY 2nd child of Joseph T. BAILEY died March 23 1838.
Aged 8 days.

Mary O. BAILEY Josephs Wife Died march 8 1841.

Emily BAILEY MORRISON Died at New Orleans Sept 9 1841.

Note found inside this Bible:
When I was quite a young lad say about 12 yrs old
I asked my grandmother Lucy BENEDICT BAILY
If I might have this Bible on her death.
She said "yes" I then wrote my name as it appears of the
upper right hand corner of this cover.
Oct 14 1914
This was about 1847.

Footnotes: This family Bible contains pages for marriage records, death records and birth records along with handwritten notes by family members which is very special to family historians.  The Bible was owned by the Bailey family, of the famed Bailey, Banks and Biddle Company. 

The images have been scanned and they may be viewed at:

Bailey Bible Images 1 - inside cover and birth records

Bailey Bible Images 2 - birth and death records

Bailey Bible Images 3 - Deaths and notes


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Page 446C
Mary E. SIMMONS, age 31, born PA, keeping house, parents born PA.
Elle R. SIMMONS, sister,a ge 24, born PA, parents born PA.
Jos. T. BAILEY, other, age 44, born PA, Jewelry Merchant, parents born PA.
Katharine BAILEY, other, age 43, born RI, parents born RI.
Jos. T. BAILEY, other, age 19, at school, father born PA, mother born RI.
Chas. BAILEY, other, age 18, born PA, Clerk in Jewelry Store, father born PA, mother born RI.
Kate BAILEY, other, age 9, born Pa, at school, father born PA, mother born RI.
This seems to be a boarding home and there are other unrelated boarders.


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