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Surnames in this Bible: Adamson, Babbitt, Batson, Bolen, Casto / Casteau, Cook, Cutshall, Dawson, French, Garinger, Heath, Johnson, Laboytaux, Lindsey, McDearman, McFarland, McGill, Quigley, Ralston, Watkins, Whittimore.


Thomas BATSON Bible
General: The Family Bible of Nathaniel Batson and Anna
First generation recorded here is that of Nathaniel and Anna BATSON
Second generation recorded here is that of Thomas and Ruth BATSON
Third generation recorded here is that of Nathaniel and Julia Anna BATSON
Fourth generation recorded here is that of Nathaniel Paris and Mary Manerva BATSON

This record was copied from the old BATSON Bible

Thomas BATSON the son of Nathaniel and Anna BATSON was born Dec-8-1782.

Ruth CASTO (CASTEAU) the daughter of Able and Susannah CASTO (CASTEAU) was born Nov-29-1781.

Sons and Daughters of Thomas and Ruth CASTO (CASTEAU) BATSON

Stephen BATSON was born May-4-1804.
The twins, a son and daughter was born July-30-1805.
Elizabeth BATSON was born Oct-29-1806.
Anna BATSON was born Feb 23-1809.
John and Jane BATSON were born April-23-1811.
William Harrison BATSON was born May-20-1813.
Nathaniel and Mary BATSON were born Jan-16-1816.
Susannah BATSON was born Aug-6-1818.
Phebe BATSON was born Dec-26-1820.

Thomas BATSON and Ruth CASTO (CASTEAU-FRENCH) were married July 28-1803.
Stephen BATSON and Allethy McDEARMAN were married Nov-3-1825.
Mary BATSON and James L. McGILL were married Mar-29-1833.
Anna BATSON and Peter L. LABOYTAUX were married May-24-1834.
Nathaniel BATSON and Julia Ann WATKINS were married Dec-23-1838.
Jane BATSON and Thomas RALSTON were married Nov-26-1846.
Mary BATSON McGILL and John LINDSEY were married May-14-1848.
Phebe BATSON and Alexander GARINGER were married Oct-15-1849.

Stephen BATSON died Nov-13-1832.
The twins; the daughter died July 30-1805; the son died Aug-7-1805.
Elizabeth BATSON died Jan-20-1808.
Anna BATSON  LABOYTEAIX died May-17-1850.
Jane BATSON RALSTON died Jan-10-1848.
John BATSON died Mar-13-1885.
William Harrison BATSON died Sept-3-1817.
Nathaniel BATSON died Jan-29-1879.
no date given for Mary his twin.
no date given for death of Susannah.
Phebe BATSON GARINGER died April-6-1851.
Ruth BATSON died May-20-1845 (mother).

The sons and daughters of Nathaniel and Julia Ann (WATKINS) BATSON. Nathaniel and Julia Ann BATSON were our grandparents. WATKINS was Grandma's maiden name.

Thomas Washington BATSON born Jan-6-1840.
Mary Jane BATSON was born May-2-1841.
A female child was born Dec-5-1842.
Alexander and Martha BATSON born Jan-13-1844.
Ruth BATSON was born Oct-1846.
Emily Zarilda BATSON was born May-6-1850.
Julia Ann Almisa and Nathaniel Paris BATSON were born Sept-17-1852.

Thomas Washington BATSON and Elizabeth COOK were married Feb-6-1862. Elizabeth's name was Ada Elizabeth COOK WHITTIMORE.
Alexander BATSON and Mary BABBIT were married Oct-6-1864.
Amos DAWSON and Martha BATSON were married________.
Nathaniel Paris BATSON and Mary HEATH were married 1874.
Mary HEATH was Mary Manervia ADAMSON and mother HEATH was Mother's stepfather's name.
Julia Ann Elmira BATSON and Wiley JOHNSON were married______.

Emily Zarilda BATSON died Oct-14-1851.
Thomas Washington BATSON died July-3-1902.
Alexander BATSON died Dec-12-1912.
Nathaniel Paris BATSON died April-22-1892.
Martha Batson DAWSON died________.

Record of Nathaniel Paris BATSON and wife Mary Manervia ADAMSON BATSON:

They were married in the year 1874.
Nathaniel Paris BATSON was born Sept-17-1852.
Nathaniel Paris BATSON died April-22-1892.
Mary M. ADAMSON BATSON was born Mar-16-1857.
Mary M. ADAMSON BATSON died Jan-5-1943.

Nathaniel Paris BATSON and Mary Manervia ADAMSON BATSON had six children:
Sarah Emily BATSON born March-13-1875.
Sarah Emily changed her name to Emma S.
Emma died March-29-1952.

Emma married William McFARLAND and they had nine children.

Charles Edward BATSON born June-2-1877.
Died Dec-10-1877.

Bertha May BATSON born Sept-22-1879, married Jacob P. QUIGLEY and had 6 children.

Cora Ada BATSON born Dec-19-1881 married Charles Leonard CUTSHALL Sept-9-1903 and had 3 children.

Grace Blanch BATSON born Oct-31-1883, married Lyman BOLEN and they had 4 children.

Oscar Earl BATSON born June-15-1889. Married Nina and they had 2 children. Later married Jenny_____. They had 2 boys.

Footnotes:  The BATSON Bible transcription was graciously submitted to Ancestor Hunt by Janel Woodbury. 


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1850 United States Federal Census Records show:

Howard Township, Howard County, Indiana, Page 407

Alexander GARINGER, age 22, farmer, born OH.

Pheba GARINGER, age 29, born IN.

Thomas BATSON, age 67, farmer, born NJ.

John BATSON, age 39, farmer, born OH.



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