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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Bennett, Bonney, Bryant, Davies, Evans, Ewing, Flint, Frost, Henchton, Moffat, Newell, Osgood, Pittman, Sewell, Simpson, Slater, SprinkleStubbs, Van Cott, Voorhees, Webb, West, Worthing, Wright, Thomas

BENNETT Family Bible   *BENNETT Family Name Search

William BENNETT born Aug. 27 1768.  Died June 1 1842.

Louise BENNETT born Mar 11 1772.  Died Nov 21 1858.

Their Children:

Gillman BENNETT born October 16 1799.  Died April 1? 1859.

???? BENNETT born January 28 1800.  Died Sept 6 or 4 1802.

Louis BENNETT born April 20 1802.  Died November 26 1830.

William BENNETT Jr. born Sept 11 1804.  Died Jan. or June 21 18?1.

Nathaniel BENNETT born Sept 20 1807.  Died Sept 23 1896. (see obit)

Joseph BENNETT born February 11 1810.  Died Aug. ? 1899.

John BENNETT born May 19 1812.  Died Mar 6th 1881 or 1886 ??.

Reuben BENNETT born Feb 25 1819.

There is another page of births but names and dates are very difficult to read in photo.  This is what I can make out.



Their Children






Winthrop BENNETT







2 more children - illegible.


There are more BENNETT's in the FLINT Bible Records below.

EWING Family Bible   *EWING Family Name Search


Perry Harrison EWING - December 28TH 1844.

Mariah Esther EWING - April 21st 1846.

William James EWING - May 9th 1847.

Mary Isabella EWING - July 10th 1849.

Henry Edmund EWING - January 4th 1853.

Andrew Winterborn ?? EWING - September 29th 1854.

Charles Sumner EWING - April 26th 1856.

Walter Myron EWING - April 25th 1858.

Carrie EWING - November 6th 1861.

Sara EWING Aug. 13th.

Levi EWING father of Perry H. EWING Born 1799.  Came from Worker Vermont.  Died about 1876.


Henry Edmund EWING Died Tuesday, Sept. 12th 1854.

aged One Year, Eight Months, and Eight Days.


Andrew W. EWING Died Wednesday, Oct 22nd 1856.

Aged 2 Years, & 23 Days.


Walter Myron EWING Died Friday, May 11th 1877.

Aged 19 Years and 15 Days.


Charles Sumner EWING Died May 20th 1880

Aged 24 Years & 24 Days.


Mary Isabel EWING wife of Ira W. HENCHTON ?? died June 13 1884.


Mary McKenzie EWING died Nov. 28th 1910 in Renseelar, N. York, age 85 yrs.


Carrie EWING wife of J. R. NEWELL Died at Little Falls, NY.  Wednesday Nov. 9 1903.  Aged 43 yrs - 3 Days.


William J. EWING Died Wed. Mar 1st 1916.  Age 69 years.

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

14th Ward, Albany, Albany County, NY, Page 258B.

Perry H. EWING, age 25, born NY, Clerk in Post Office, father b. VT, mother b. NY.

Mary EWING, wife, age 54, born NY, parents b. Scotland.

Perry H. EWING, son, age 34, Civil Engineer, born NY.

Carrie EWING, dau, age 17, born NY.

Sarah EWING, dau, age 13, born NY.

Edward B. VAN COTT, other, age 62, Dining Saloon Keeper, b. NY, parents b. NY.

Mary VAN COTT, other, age 59.


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FLINT Family Bible   *FLINT Family Name Search


Rebeckah J. FLINT Dec. 19 1835.

Nathaniel C. FLINT Nov 16 1841.

John FLINT Jan 3 1844.

Charles W. FLINT Feb. 9 1848.

Marriage certificate - loose paper reads:

Mrs. J. W. FLINT 




Nov. 26 '84

This certifies that on the 26th day of November 1884 Mr. John W. FLINT and Miss Nellie M. EVANS both of Sweden were by me legally joined in marriage in Bridgeton ME.


Minister of the Gospel.


Nathaniel FLINT born Aug 177?

Rebecah FLINT born ?????? 6 177?.

Their Children

Rebecah J. FLINT born Jan 3 1817.

Nathaniel FLINT born Sept 30 1818.

Conner ?? J. FLINT born Sept 29 1819.

John FLINT born Aug 20 1822.

Benjamin F. FLINT born July 18 1824.

Charles W. FLINT born Aug 7 1826.

Samuel F. FLINT born July 4 1828.

Marshall F. FLINT born June 1 1831.

Gilman BENNETT born Oct 16 1797.

Eliza BENNETT born Oct 5 1802.

Their Child

Eliza A. BENNETT born Aug 27 1823

Newspaper clipping of obit reads:


Mr. Nathaniel BENNETT, who died the 23d ult, at his home in this village, at the age of 83 years, was the last but one (Reuben BENNETT) of the six children of the late William and Lois (FLINT) BENNETT, of the Burnham Neighborhood.  Nearly the whole of his long and useful life, was passed in Bridgton, the larger portion in this village, where he followed his life vocation of carpenter and builder.  He married Miss Lorania FROST, of Norway, who died many years ago, and there survive them their two and only children, Mrs. Frank B. SIMPSON and Joshua F. BENNETT, of this place.  In religious affiliations deceased was a Calvin Baptist; in moral and political life was ever a staunch anti-slavery and temperance man - in the latter field a member of various organizations, and a strict teetotaler.  Indeed, to him could well be applied the term "soberly, righteously and godly," for he was a man good and true, and dies respected and lamented by all.  The funeral was at his late home, the 25th, conducted by Rev. J. C. OSGOOD, and there were beautiful floral tributes.  The burial was in Forest Cemetery.  Mr. BENNETT died of heart disease, by which he had long been affected - his death, like his life, being calm and peaceful.

Footnotes:  There is another page of family records but I can' t make out the names and dates from the photo shown online.

MOFFAT Small Bible (pub. 1831)  *MOFFATT Family Name Search

Printed in gold on front cover: Jas MOFFAT.

Written on fly leaf:

Presented to James MOFFAT

By his Affectionate Sister Agnes MOFFAT.

Near bottom of page:

Brought from Scotland by James MOFFAT 95 years ago - 3-20-27.

SPRINKLE Family Bible   *SPRINKLE Family Name Search

A handwritten sheet of paper reads:

Hazel Frances SPRINKLE was born June 24 1899.

Florence Pearl SPRINKLE was born Aug 18 1893.

Leona May SPRINKLE was born April 3 1902.

This is what the Bible says.


Harry Linn born Aug. 4 1892.

Pearl Florence born Aug 18 1893.

Hazel Francis born June 24 1899.

Leona May born April 3 1902.

Footnotes:  There is a baby photo in the portraits section along with a dried rose.

VOORHEES Family Bible  *VOORHEES Family Name Search

A funeral invitation found inside reads: 

Ralph VOORHEES Esq. & family

You are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services of Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin BONNELL, on Thursday, Nov. 20th, 1879, at 1/2 past 11 o'clock A. M., at the First Presbyterian Church, New Brunswick, N.J.

There is also an old photo of a young man, nothing else shown.

WEST Family Bible (pub. 1873)  *WEST Family Name Search

Elizabeth Bell WEST died Nov 20 1876.

Albert WEST died July 5 1883.

Leslie B. WEST died July 31 1889.

Mary Florence WEST died Nov 20 1897.

Edward Douglas WEST died March 1897.

William WEST died July 18, 1907.  Father of all.

Mary Elizabeth WEST died Aug 21 1919.


Seller didn't state if there were more records in this Bible.

WORTHING Family Bible   *WORTHING Family Name Search


Orinda WORTHING Born March 25 1824.

Lafayette WORTHING Born Dec 2 1825.

Marget E. WORTHING Born May 23 1827.

George C. WORTHING Born May 25 1829.

Margaret D. WORTHING Born July 28 1831.

Ann J. WORTHING Born March 25 1833.

Emma E. WORTHING Born March 20th 1854.

Wesley B. WORTHING Born Dec 19th 1855.

Martha E. WORTHING Born Dec 7 1862.

Revel W. WORTHING Born Oct 16 1869.

Leonard C. WORTHING Born Oct 3 1859.

Melville L. WORTHING Born July 26 1865.


Margaret E. WORTHING Died Oct 1?, 1830.

Orinda WORTHING Died March 1st 1842.

Ann J. WORTHING Died May 18 or 15 18?3.

Benjamin WORTHING Died Aug 26 1875.

Rachel WORTHING Died Sept 23rd 1882.

Margie D. WORTHING Died Nov 3 1898.

Melville L. WORTHING Died Oct 26 1871.

Wesley B. WORTHING Died May 27 1886.

Mrs. Emma E. Le????? Died Aug 21st 1883 or 1888/

(Editor's note:  Think the following are grandkids.)

Elias Tim BRYANT Died March 4th 1916.

John C. SLATER Died Sept. 25th ????.

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

China, Kennebec Co, ME, Page 176A

Margaret D. BRYANT, age 48, born ME, parents born ME.

Alden H. SEWELL, other, age 23, born ME, farmer, parents born ME.

Rachel WORTHING, mother, age 83, born ME, parents born ME.


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WRIGHT Family Bible  *WRIGHT Family Name Search

Thomas WRIGHT was married to Catharine W. STUBBS June 5th 1822 in Gloucester County, Virginia.

Mary Ann WRIGHT 1st daughter to Thomas & Catharine his wife was born February the 28, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson the first and only son of Thomas & Catharine W. his wife was born in Fayette County Ind. July 31st 1837.

Laura C. WRIGHT died Mar. 11, 1895.

Thomas WRIGHT died Oct. 14, 1886.

Catharine W. WRIGHT was born July 26 1805.  Died May 18 1894.

Thomas WRIGHT was born Oct. 11 1793.  Died Oct. 14 1886.

Thomas Jefferson WRIGHT, the only son of Thomas & Catharine W. his wife departed this life January 19th 1841 and was intered at Tules Chapel in Fayette Cty Ind.

Matilda born May 18 1827

Died Sept. 13 1906 - age 79.

Laura born May 22 1831

Died May 11 1895 - Age 64.

Virginia born July 4 1833.

Died Nov. 11 1871 - Age 38 - 4 months.

Maria born April 21 1835.  Died Oct 27 1869.  Age 34 - 6 months.

Thomas born July 31 1837.  Died Jan 19 1841.  Age 4 - 6 months.


Seller at Ebay shows these records in snippets so I can't tell how many pages there are or any headings on them.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Columbia, Fayette Co, IN, page 115A

Thomas WRIGHT, age 86, born VA, retired farmer, parents born VA.

Catharine W. WRIGHT, age 75, born VA, parents born VA.

Willa WRIGHT, dau, age 37, born IN.

Eva WRIGHT, dau, age 32, born IN.

Mattie WEBB, gdau, age 1, born IN.


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