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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Allen, Barrow, Blowers, Cook, Cook, Elizabeth, Comfort, Crowter, Davis, Dawson, Devoe, Gillespie, Garnham, Gerlach, Hammon, Martin, McMann, Paige, Sherman, Smith, Spencer, Spencer, Celestia, Stallwith, Strawn, Tegne / Tagne, Tomkins, Trenton

BARROW          *BARROW Family Name Search

Family Bible     *COOK Family Name Search

Flyleaf reads: 

A Present to Elizabeth A. BARROW by her Mother Feb 1st 1887.

St. Thomas. Ont.


Another page reads:

John A. BARROW of Somersteshire England and Elizabeth Morris COOK of Bristol England was married on 17th April 1842 at Parish of St. Mary-le-port Bristol.

John A. BARROW was born 1820, Died 1864.

Elizabeth Morris Cook BARROW Born 1817 Witchurch, Somersetshire, England and Died 1903.



Ann BARROW 8 April 1868 to James A. SHERMAN.

Martha BARROW 25 Dec 1873 to Andrew J. COMFORT.

Amy BARROW 7 Aug 1876 to Edwin S. GARNHAM.



Amy born 1843.

John born 1844.

Ann born 1846.

Martha born 1850.

Amy born 1944 (probably grandchild).



Amy died 1844.

John died 1845.

Ann died 1920.

Martha died 1904.

Amy died 1944. (probably grandchild)

Elizabeth died 1923.

Footnotes:  Seller states; "There are more people listed, mostly grandchildren, some have dates but most don't."

CROWTER Family Bible    *CROWTER Family Name Search

Franklin H. CROWTER Was born Dec. the 28, 1815.
Celestia SPENCER Was born Sept. 22, 1817.
Robert H. CROWTER Was born Sept. 19, 1843.
Franklin & Celestia CROWTER Was Married Dec. 29, 1842.
Franklin H. CROWTER Died February the 21st 1848. Aged 32 years, 1 month, 24 days.

DAWSON / TRENTON    *DAWSON Family Name Search

Family Bible                      *TRENTON Family Name Search

Handwritten on fly leaf:

Presented To

Catherine Ann DAWSON 

by her Parents

William and Sarah DAWSON, 

at the time of her Marriage

to Charles Alfred TRENTON

on the 9th day of November A.D. 1865.

in the City of Rochester

Monroe County

State of New York.

Marriage Ceremonies Performed

at the Home of her Parents

by her Pastor the 

Rev. Dr. James B. SHAW of the 

Brick Presbyterian Church Rochester

Blessed be they in the 

Name of the Lord.

Signed:  William DAWSON

Footnotes:  Seller states; "Catherine Ann Dawson was born on Saturday afternoon, January 9, 1841.  Baptized at the Episcopal Church, Hyde, Cheshire, England. Sat sale [sic. sail] from Liverpool with her parents, February 15th, 1842. Landed in New York, April 7th, 1842. Admitted a member of the Brick Church new scool [sic. school?] Presbyterian. February 5, 1860."

GERLACH Family Bible     *GERLACH Family Name Search

There are 3 pages of records, Marriages, Births & Deaths.  I can only make out some of the entries from the photos, seller placed on Ebay.  I can't make out any entries on the births page.



Charles J. GERLACH with Mary J. 

T??????D on the 13th day of April 1866.


Bertha Emelia GERLACH with William STRAWN on the 30th day of May 1893.


Florence Ch. GERLACH with John SMITH on the day of 20 July 1893.


Isabella GERLACH with John STALLWITH on the 4 day of April 1901. 


Charles J. GERLACH Died 21 of Dec. in year 1902, 54 years, 5 days old.


Mary J. GERLACH Died 17 day of July 1926.  76 years.

HAMMON / DAVIS     *HAMMON Family Name Search

1859 Bible                   *DAVIS Family Name Search

One page contains a newspaper clipping which reads: 

Utica Morning Herald and Daily Gazette


December 18, 1863

The following executions took place to day:

Privates Wm. H. DEVOE, 57th N.Y. volunteers; John TEGNE or TAGNE, 5th Vermont; John McMANN, 11th U. S. Infantry; Winslow N. ALLEN, 76th N. Y.; Geo. E. BLOWERS, 2nd Vermont.

The Executions took place in the divisions to which condemned belonged.

Handwritten in ink below clipping:

1865 September the 27


Handwritten in pencil below clipping:

Charles DAVIS.


Handwritten on another blank leaf of Bible:

At top of page:

Roy DAVIS Born December the 15 1882.

At bottom of page:

Cora 12 years old 1890.

Dec 15

Roy 7 years old 1890.

SPENCER Family Bible     *SPENCER Family Name Search


William SPENCER was Born December the 27th 1801.


Elizabeth SPENCER was born March 18th 1806.


Jane SPENCER born March the 11th 1826.


David SPENCER was born October the 24th 1827.


Samuel SPENCER was born October the 1st 1829.


Polly SPENCER was born January the 2nd 1832.


Josiah SPENCER was born August the 6th 1833.


Elizabeth  ?. SPENCER was born November the 19th 1835.


Richard B. SPENCER was born September the 21st 1840.


Hannah SPENCER was born November the 13th 1842.


Araminta SPENCER was born November the 3rd 1846.


William SPENCER was born May the 16th 1850.



William SPENCER was born  December the 27 1801 on the Sabath day.

And was Married to Elizabeth COOK no March first 1825.


Sarah SPENCER was Married to Cornelius Gillespie August the 12th 1846.


Araminta SPENCER and George MARTIN was married September the 29th 1868 

STARK / WITBECK     *STARK Family Name Search

Family Bible                  *WITBECK Family Name Search

2 Entries in family section of Bible:

Gracie STARK daughter of Edward & Harriett borned Sept 29 1873.


Henry Lee WITBECK, son of John S. and Grace M. borned May 19, 1899.

1865 Civil War     *TOMKINS Family Name Search

Pocket Bible  (TOMKINS Family)

Letter inside this small pocket Bible, dated Dec4, 1863 is from MARINE HOSPITAL St Louis, and is hand written on a single lined piece of paper.  

It reads:

Mr. James TOMKINS, I write you at the request of your brother john who came here last week from Memphis quite low with consumption, He is better to-day, and may continue to improve, but is very doubtful. He bears his sickness with fortitude and cheerfulness and I hope it will be bl??? to his salvation. It is my office to afford him religious consolation, and I will try to lead him to a peaceful trust in Christ as his Saviour. I hope you will write to him, and if possible you had better visit him. He may not live long , or if he does will hardly ever be a well man again, May the Lord bless both him and You. 

Very Respt Jas A PAIGE Hospital Chaplain.

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