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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Brodie, Davidson, Davies, Dunbar, Evans, Farnsworth, Ferlo, Gordon, Healy, Hockett, Holgate, Houck, Jones, Keller, Lamm, Monroe, Moyer, Natole, Nice, OgdenPorfert, Potter, Secrest, Smith, Spencer, Stinman, Tiffany, TiffneyWeston

BRODIE Family Bible    *BRODIE Family Name Search

(pub. 1853)

Mary Jane BRODIE - born January 24 1856.

William BRODIE - born June 17 1859.

James BRODIE - born April 30 1861.

Elizabeth BRODIE - born December 10 1863.

Henry BRODIE EVANS born September 28th 1886.

Helen JONES - born October 22 ????

Sorry, rest is cut off in photo.


Seller states the last entry is dated 1934.

DAVIES Family Bible (Wales)   *DAVIES Family Name Search

Joseph DAVIES born March 1832.

Hannah DAVIES born July 1835 Llangele ??.

Margaret DAVIES born Nov 2 1863 Llangderest ??.

Elizabeth DAVIES born Jan 24 1866 Llangderest ??.

?? Jane DAVIES born Nov 24 1867 Tre???? Al????.

Sarah Marie DAVIES born March 22 1870.

Rest of page is cut off.

HEALY Family Bible   *HEATH Family Name Search


Edward Patrick HEALY born Friday ???? 1881.

Joseph John HEALY Saturday August 10th 1883.

James Matthew HEALY Wednesday June 6th 1884.

William Henry HEALY Friday August 28th 1886.

Francis HEALY born June 12th 1887.

Michael Andrew HEALY Thursday Nov 22nd 1888.

Mary Catherine Elizabeth HEALY Saturday Apr. ?? 18??.

Arthur HEALY Thursday  July 28 1892.

???? Margaret HEALY Feb ?? 18??.

Agnes Ellen Saturday June 27th 1896.

Jane Elizabeth HEALY May ?? 1935.

Glenn Edward April ??, ????.

Nash Healy Zelma?  ???? ?? ????.


Michael Andrew HEALY died July 6th 1889.

William Henry HEALY died Feb 3rd 18??.

Edward Patrick HEALY died ????? 28 1898.

James Matthew HEALY died June 23rd 1916.

Arthur HEALY died.

A??? HEALY died.

Frank HEALY died.

Catherine HEALY died May 7th 1934 or 1930.

Mary Catherine HEALY died ???? 1965.

Joseph John HEALY died July 27 1965.


The photos of these pages on Ebay are very difficult to read.  I have transcribe them the best I can. There were also many family photos plus 6 confirmation certificates and 2 diplomas in this Bible.

HOLGATE Family Bible   *HOLGATE Family Name Search

Seller States:

I recently found a Bible dated 1833. Inside the cover, it is written, "Benjamin & Charlotte HOLGATE Book 1835." There are several names and dates written on the first couple of pages. 

Here are the names:
Mary Ellen HOLGATE (04/24/1843 - 02/10/1853)
William Alfred HOLGATE (born 07/19/1845)
Benjamin HOLGATE (born 03/06/1848)
Charlotte TIFFNEY (died 08/12/1854)
Julynia TIFFNEY (07/03/1854 - 08/31/1854)
Joseph TIFFANY (died 01/31/1869)
Charlotte Josephine TIFFNEY (09/09/1850 - 04/01/1855)
Margaret DAVIDSON (born 02/27/1826 in Ireland, County Trayne. Died 03/23/1915 in Ansonia, Connecticut)
Emma Josephine TIFFNEY (born 01/14/1863 Ansonia, Connecticut)
Benjamin HOLGATE (died 10/09/1864-7-9. Burried Pine grove, Ansonia, Connecticut)


I did locate a Margaret DAVIDSON in 1880 Federal census: ED 21, New Britain, Hartford, CT, Page 447B.

William DAVIDSON, head, age 62, born IRE, hardware shop

Margret DAVIDSON, age 54, born SCOT, house keeping.

Maggie DAVIDSON, age 13, born CT, Works in Pho Room.

HOUCK Family Bible   *HOUCK Family Name Search

One page reads:

This certifies that Olen Stanley HOUCK of Oneonta NY and Nora Agnes POTTER of West Oneonta NY were by me, united in Matrimony according to the ordinance of God and the laws of New York State at Otego Methodist Parsonage on the first day of June in the year of our lord 1937.

Rev. Grant SECREST

Otego Methodist Church

Witnesses H. Howard POTTER


Another page reads: 


Janet Elizabeth HOUCK to 

David Larry SMITH 5-7-61.

Stanley Potter HOUCK to 

Ann HIRSCHEY Feb. 24, 1979.

Mary Louise HOUCK

Richard PORFERT Oct 24, 1981.

Rebecca Ann SMITH to 

Frank II FERLO July 19 1986.

Another page reads: 


Janet Elizabeth HOUCK 2/9/29.

Stanley Potter HOUCK 6/4/43.

Mary Louise HOUCK 12/31/52.

Footnotes:  There were several grandchildren listed but I am leaving these names off as they are too recently born.

IRELAND Family Bible   *IRELAND Family Name Search

William IRELAND, of Upham and Miss Elizabeth GRAY of Elgin were solemnly united by me in Holy Matrimony at Elgin on the First day of May in the Year of Our LORD One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-two.

Conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the land.

In presence of 

Daniel GRAY

Humbert GRAVES

Andrew GRAY

Rector of 

Port Medway, NS.

LAMM Family Bible   *LAMM Family Name Search

George E. LAMM of Richmond, Ind. and Emma HOCKETT of Richmond, Ind. were united in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Richmond, Ind. on the 10th day of October in the year of our Lord 1891.

Footnote:  Seller stated there were pages of births, deaths and marriages not shown. 

MONROE Family Bible   *MONROE Family Name Search

Page inside cover reads:

Daddy - Arthur MONROE

Born Apr 6 1880.

Mom - Laura Augusta

Born Oct 5 1884.

Died Oct 5 1965.

Van - Olaf Washoe

Born Dec 16 1910.

Me - Nellie Anna

Born Sept 27 1915.

Barbara Laura

Born March 24 1941.

Robert Arthur

Born Oct 28 1947.

Presentation page reads:

Presented to Nellie Sept 27 1927 by Mother.

NICE Family Bible   *NICE Family Name Search

Frank R. NICE, son of Henry NICE and his wife Malinda nee KELLER was born on January 10th A.D. 1898 in Franconia Town Montg. County, PA.

Sally D. NICE, daughter of David D. MOYER and his wife Sarah nee De Auiler was born on September 9th A.D. 1899 in Franconia Town, Montg Co PA.

Were Married October 20th 1920.


This couple lived in Souderton, PA at the time of their marriage.

These families are located on the 1880 Federal Census of Franconia, Montgomery Co, PA.  Pages 82 and 83.

OGDEN Family Bible    *OGDEN Family Name Search

(pub. 1878)

One handwritten sheet of paper in Bible.

Maud B. OGDEN Born on August 16 in 1885.  Bainbridge.


Nora C. OGDEN.  Born on March 12 in 1891.  Wellsbridge.


Flora E. GORDON, born on March 3, in 1864.  Oxford, NY.


John U. OGDEN Born on Oct 21 1859.  Gillford, NY.

Married Sept 13 1882, Ofxord. 



Married Dec 7 1910 at Oxford.


Maude OGDEN & John NATOLE.

Married Dec. 29 1904 at Norwich, NY.


Robert born to Mr. and Mrs. J. NATOLE July 21 1910.


Flora OGDEN died Nov 9 1913 at Oxford.

STINMAN Family Bible   *STINMAN Family Name Search

A brass plate on front of Bible says F.H.S. 1829.

August STINMAN Born Aug 5 1856.

Otto STINMANN Born May 8th 1858.

William STINMANN born June 28th 1859.

Herman STINMAN Born Apr 9 1861.

John STINMAN Born Feb 2 1863.

Chas STINMANN Born Apr 27 1864.

Emma STINMANN Born Oct 5 1867.

Agnes STINMANN Born Sept 8 1868.

Footnotes:  The name is spelled both ways throughout the record.

WESTON Family Bible   *WESTON Family Name Search

Record of my father's family

Stephen WESTON his grandfather born in Concord, Mass Dec 1st 1691.

----my grandfather----

Joseph WESTIN this child born in Concord, Mass March 7th 1732.

----my grandmother----

Eunice FARNWORTH born in Groton, Mass of Aaron F. Nov 28th 1735.

Joseph & Samuel born 17th Jany 1757.

John WESTON born July 19th 1758.

Eli WESTON born July 4th 1760.

Wm. WESTON (rest of this page cut off.)


Augustus WESTON Died Oct 23rd 1832

aged 70 years 36 days.

Infant Daughter died aged 6 days Sept 27th 1829.

Infant Son died aged 7 weeks Jan 2nd 1836.

George W. WESTON died Sept. 10 18??.  Aged 19 years, ? months, 23 days.

William WESTON Jr. died Dec 11th 1849.

Hannah WESTON Died Sept 4th 1855 Aged 61 Years, 4 months and 21 days.

Wm. F. WESTON Died May 21 1859 Aged 70 years 2 months.

Judith WESTON Died March 21st 18??.

There are several more entries but very difficult to read.  Names I can make out are: Betsey, Solomon died March, William died Dec 29th 1850, George W. WESTON died May 9th 1928, aged 72 years. 

Footnotes:  Ebay seller states: Some loose notes were found with additional family info.  It appears the family lived in Concord, Mass, and later, Cannan & Skowhegan, Maine.  One of the handwritten notes says, "My great grandfather William Weston 5th,son of Joseph Weston the first settler of Canaan, now Skowhegan. Ernest W. DUNBAR"  Ernest W. DUNBAR seems to be the one who wrote this family history.

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