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Newspaper article about the 1930 census online.

Release date of the 1930 census

Which states were indexed?

Questions asked on the 1930 Census

Questions not asked on the 1930 Census


UPDATE  September 8, 2002!

In The Newspaper:

1930 census online worth the trouble
Heritage Hunting: Beverly Smith Vorpahl happily finds information about her family in the 1930 census from the comfort of her own home.  Using Ancestry!

Visit Ancestry to discover the 1930 census online

1930 Federal Census to be released in April 2002!

The long awaited release of 1930 Federal census records is finally approaching.  To those of you who are new to census research or genealogy, there is a 72 year privacy act in place to protect living persons.  This means we must wait 72 years after a census has been taken before it is made available for public viewing and searching.


The 1930 census schedules and all soundex indexes will be available April 1, 2002.  It will be housed at the National Archives Building at 700 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC, and also will be available at all 13 NARA regional facilities.


The good news is....the records will be available for purchase, which means they will be increasingly easier to find in genealogy libraries, state archives and other genealogy facilities across the United States.


Portions of the 1930 census have been soundexed while major portions of it have not.  NARA has obtained microfilm records of late 1920's and 1930's city directories to aid in locating ancestors in the 1930 Federal Census Schedules.


These are the soundex rolls available at NARA.

The only states indexed are listed here.

M=Microfilm publication number. 

Alabama (M2049), 195 rolls
Arkansas (M2050), 100 rolls
Florida (M2051), 98 rolls
Georgia (M2052), 253 rolls
Kentucky (M2053), 24 rolls  ( ** see note)
Louisiana (M2054), 146 rolls
Mississippi (M2055), 158 rolls
North Carolina (M2056), 169 rolls
South Carolina (M2057), 109 rolls
Tennessee (M2058), 169 rolls
Virginia (M2059), 127 rolls
West Virginia (M2060), 39 rolls  ( ** see note)


** Kentucky is only partially indexed!  Counties indexed are: Bell, Floyd, Harlan, Kenton, Muhlenberg, Perry, and Pike.


** West Virginia is only partially indexed!  Counties indexed are: Fayette, Harrison, Kanawha, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, and Raleigh.


What questions were asked on the 1930 census?



Relationship to head of household

If home was owned or rented

Value of real estate or monthly rental

Own a radio set?

Whether or not a farm

Does this person live on a farm now?

Did this person live on a farm a year ago?

Sex, race, age

Marital status?

Attends school?, can read and write?

Birth place

Birth place of parents

If immigrant, year of immigration, naturalized or alien?

If immigrant, are you naturalized, can you speak English?

If foreign born, language spoken before coming to the U.S.



Employer?  Wage worker? Own account?

If actually at work on the last previous working day.

Whether a Veteran, which war?

If farm, number of farm schedule.


Questions not asked on the 1930 census.

These are questions we are accustomed to.

How many years married?

How many children born to this mother?


*Visit Ancestry to discover the 1930 census online

*View Census Questions for Other Census Years

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