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1901 United Kingdom Census

Hits to this site numbered in the millions in the first hour!

The 1901 census of England and Wales was scheduled to be online January 2, 2002.  So far, folks have been vastly disappointed as they are unable to access it.  It will be remembered in the past, when large sites with vast genealogy resources such as this, ie: Ellis Island Ship Passengers and Family History Site - The LDS Mormon Church,  first came online, they were so inundated with people trying to search the new resource, the same problem was experienced.  I am sure this too, will prove to be a great new resource and boon to the genealogy community.  Give them some time to get the site running smoothly and once the new wears off a little, surely it will become easier to access.  The site is to offer an index of the census FREE but will charge to view the actual records.  


UPDATE from the 1901 UK site
As a result of work and technical evaluation over the past week, it is clear that further work needs to be undertaken to enable the 1901 Census online website to function well under general Internet access. In particular, a way of dealing with potential overloading as experienced between 2nd and 6th January 2002 is being devised and the system has to be tested. We apologize for the continued unavailability of the site.


UPDATE:  The 1901 Census for England and Wales Site is fully functional and available for use!  Wonderful!

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