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Francis James BANCROFT & Harriet Ann WESTON, 29 Jul 1855.
Willard Augustus BANCROFT & Ada Isabelle JONES, 28 Feb 1883.
Elmer Parker BANCROFT & Hattie Viola STONE, 26 Jan 1888.
Mabel Frances BANCROFT & Francis Clifford TUKEY, 13 Jun 1893.
Wm. J. MacALLISTER & Jennie WESTON BANCROFT, 10 Sep 1906.

Francis James BANCROFT, 29 Jul 1833.
Harriet Ann WESTON, 23 Nov 1835.
Willard Augustus BANCROFT, 22 Sep 1856.
Elmer Parker BANCROFT, 26 Jan 1864.
Jennie Weston BANCROFT, 16 May 1865.
Mabel Frances BANCROFT, 13 Jun 1872.
Arthur Willard BANCROFT, 19 Nov 1884.
Helen Louise BANCROFT, 18 Apr 1894.
Marion Stone BANCROFT, 30 Jun 1890.

Capt. Parker BANCROFT, no date.
Mrs. Sarah P. BANCROFT, no date.
Mrs. Harriet A. WESTON BANCROFT, 29 Mar 1900.
Francis J. BANCROFT, 6 Jan 1916.
Mabel BANCROFT TUKEY, 18 May 1914.
Ada Isbelle BANCROFT, 23 Jun 1930.
Willard A. BANCROFT, 13 Sep 1934.
Elmer P. BANCROFT, 1931.



Submitted by Deb Stevens
11 Elysium Drive
Ely, NV 89301
Bible in possession of Deb Stevens at above address.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the
Original Tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and
revised with Canne's Marginal References. Together with the Apocrypha and
Concordance....The text corrected according to the standard of the American
Bible Society. Troy, N.Y.: Published by W. & H. Merriam, 1846.

All entries appear to be in same handwriting but some towards the end in
different pen, in fact the last entries look like they are in a black marker
pen. In a different handwriting, which appears to be the same and second
writer of entries in the other Bancroft Bible transcription of Willard &
Belle Bancroft's family Bible, is the notation "Bible belonged to" and an
arrow pointing to Francis James & Harriet Ann Weston Bancroft's marriage


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 Federal Census Records Show:

Reading, Middlesex, Mass, Page 421C

Francis J. BANCROFT, age 46, born MA, piano tuner, parents born MA.

Harriet A. BANCROFT, wife, age 44, born MA, parents born MA.

Elmer P. BANCROFT, son, age 16, born MA, laborer, parents born MA.

Jennie W. BANCROFT, dau, age 15, at born MA, at school, parents born MA.

Mabel F. BANCROFT, dau, age 8, born MA, parents born MA.

Sarah P. BANCROFT, mother, age 75, born MA, at home, parents born MA.

Ada B. JONES, other, age 19, born MA, servant, parents born MA.


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"Presented to Willie and Belle
By Father and Mother


Francis James BANCROFT & Harriett [Harriet] Ann Weston BANCROFT, 29 Jul 1855
[Reading, Massachusetts].

Willard Agustus [Augustus] BANCROFT & Ada Isabelle JONES, 28 Feb 1883
[Reading, Massachusetts].

Elmer Parker BANCROFT and Harriett [Harriet, Hattie] Viola STONE, 26 Jan

Jennie Weston BANCROFT and William J. MacALLISTER, 10 Sep 1906.

Mable Francis [Frances] BANCROFT and Francis C. TUKEY [Francis Clifford
Tukey], 13 Jun 1893.

[Different, second, penmanship/writer in following entries]

Arthur W. [Willard] BANCROFT and Grace Marian STIMPSON, 3 Oct 1912

Marion Stone BANCROFT and Harry CONNELL, 22 Aug 1913

Arthur Willard BANCROFT, Jr. and Ruth Claire GEDDES, 13 Sep 1945

Marjorie Bancroft CONNELL and Kenneth HATFIELD, 14 Nov 1946

Frances [Francis] James BANCROFT, 29 Jul 1832 [29 Jul 1833, Reading,
Massachusetts per Massachusetts Vital Records, New England Ancestors

Harriett [Harriet] Ann WESTON BANCROFT, 23 Nov 1836 in ink, pencil note
above 24 Nov 1835? in second writer's penmanship in Massachusetts per 1860
US Census]

Willard Agustus [Augustus] BANCROFT, 22 Sep 1856

Elmer Parker BANCROFT, 26 Jan 1864

Jennie Weston BANCROFT, 16 May 1865

Mable Francis BANCROFT, 13 Jun 1872

[Different, second, penmanship/writer in following entries]

Arthur Willard BANCROFT, 19 Nov 1884

Marion Stone BANCROFT, 30 Jun 1890

Helen Louise BANCROFT, 18 Apr 1894

Arthur Willard BANCROFT, Jr., 9 Apr 1926

Marjorie Bancroft CONNELL, 11 Feb 1916

Sally June HATFIELD, 27 Feb 1948

Francis James BANCROFT, 6 Jan 1916
Harriett Ann Weston BANCROFT, 29 Mar 1900
Mable Francis Bancroft TUCKEY, 18 May 1914
[Different, second, penmanship/writer in following entries]
Grace Stimpson BANCROFT, 9 Apr 1926
Harry CONNELL, 4 Mar 1928
Ada Isabelle BANCROFT, 24 Jun 1930
Elmer Parker BANCROFT, 7 Feb 1932
Wm. J. MacALLISTER, 23 Apr 1933
Willard Augustus BANCROFT, 13 Sep 1934
Harriet Stone BANCROFT, 14 Feb 1941
Francis C. TUKEY, 1946
Jennie B. MacALLISTER, 12 Feb 1948
Arthur W. BANCROFT, 20 Dec 1952

MEMORANDUM: No entries on this page.

Included in the Bible was the following newspaper clipping dated in hand by
pencil "1908" in the second writer's penmanship.


"Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. BANCROFT of Reading Surprised by Friends--Receive
Many Presents."

"READING, Feb. 28--Twenty-five years ago today Willard A. Bancroft of
Reading and Miss Ada Isabel Jones of North Reading were married at the bride's
home. The intervening years have been spent here, their home having always
been on West st., and for the last eight years at No. 45. It was decided to
allow the silver anniversary to pass without formal observance, but fate and
friends decided otherwise, and last evening the worthy couple was treated to
a genuine surprise party.

When Mrs. Bancroft returned from an afternoon whist club she found her home
in the possession of a party of relatives, 15 in number, who assumed
management, and served a family dinner. This was surprise No. 1. In the
evening 83 members of Enterprise Rebekah lodge, I. O. O. F., and woman's
relief corps auxiliary to post 194, G. A. R., of which bodies Mrs. Bancroft
is a member, paid their respects with hearty tokens of loving friendship in
the shape of silver, china, pictures and money.

Mr. Bancroft's father, Francis J. Bancroft, presented them a solid silver
tablespoon that had been in the family's possession 156 years.

Until a late hour the time was passed in a social manner, incident to which
there were vocal and instrumental selections by Miss Marguerite McAllister
and Arthur W. Bancroft, and quartet numbers by Arthur F. Austin, Arthur W.
Bancroft, Willard A. Bancroft and William McAllister.



By Deb Stevens
11 Elysium Drive
Ely, NV 89301
Bible in possession of Deb Stevens

I purchased this family Bible from Ebay 20 Nov 2004. Francis James Bancroft
would be my 7th Cousin 3 times removed.

Notes in [brackets] are mine. Penmanship appears to be in 2 pens with two
writers, with the second writer making the entries after Mable Francis
Bancroft's entries.

Superfine Edition
New Devotional and Explanatory
Pictorial Family Bible,
Containing the Old and New Testaments,
Apocrypha, Concordance, and Psalms in Metre,
Translated out of the original tongues, with all former translations
diligently compared and revised.
.....Embellished with nearly 2000 fine scripture illustrations.
Boston, Mass.: E. W. Sawyer & Co., 69 Devonshire Street, 1881.


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