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An old Deluxe family Bible belonging to the LATIMER family. Found in 1984 in an alley in San Diego California. The matriarch & Patriarch of the family were James & Mary A. LATIMER.



James LATIMER died November 25 1898.

Jennie M. MOOR died June 12, 1910 (Sabbath Day).

Mary A. LATIMER died Feb. 19, 1911 (Sabbath Day).

Howard J. LATIMER died March 15, 1936 (Sabbath Day).

Jay E. LATIMER died 1935.

Anna E. LATIMER died Oct. 22, 1929.

(Matilda) Mattie LATIMER COWELL died July 18 1947.

Essie Velma WHITE died June 13, 1959.



JOHNSTON born Aug. 20, 1858.

Jennie M. born June 13, 1856.

Mattie B. born Oct. 15, 1858.

Essie L. (?) born Oct. 10, 1860.

Annie E. born Oct. 12, 1862.

James born Jan 1864.  Died Aug. 1867.

James born Jan 1864.  Died Feb. 1869.

Essie Velma born Dec 27, 1870.

Howard J. born Feb. 28, 1875.


Children of Robert & Matilda LATIMER COWELL:

Robert born July 8, no year.

Mona Heline born Jan 27, 1893.


Children of Ivan & Mona COWELL FINN:

Anna Helene born Sept. 23, 1927.

Mona Gwendolyn Cowell born Jan 27, 1929.



Children of Gwendolyn & Hammond DUGAN:

Melanie Cowell DUGAN born Jan 23, 1956.

Alisa King DUGAN born Feb. 25 1959.

Ann DUGAN born July 3, 1960.

Frances DUGAN born Jan. 15, 1962.

John K. born Jan 6 1964.



There is a 1935 Minneapolis newspaper clipping with a story about Thomas E. Latimer. He had just been elected Mayor of Minneapolis. He was married briefly to May Hesler. She told Thomas the baby she was carrying died in childbirth in 1906. He found that the boy was indeed quite alive 29 years later (1935) and they reunited. Ira went to college at University of Chicago as did his wife, Imogene. Ira lived in Hyde Park until he died in 1985.

There is no record of Thomas H. Latimer on the Memorandum pages of the Bible, so Iím not sure how he relates to these Latimers unless he was the nephew of the Patriarch (James) or the son of H. J. or Johnston.

There is also an article about Sergeant Latimer of company C Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He lived in Cleveland.

There is a loan receipt signed by H. J. Latimer from the 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry for the amount of 1.00. The date on it is Jan. 31,1898. I'm assuming both of these were the same person. He is listed on the Memorandum page.

H. J. Latimer owned a real Estate business later on, as one of his business cards is in this Bible. 


*Submitted by Teri & Cory FEASER.  

Contact them at: terioke(at)  Replace the (at) with the @ sign to contact them.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Page 259D

James LATIMER, age 50, born IRE, Contractor, parents born IRE.

Mary A. LATIMER, wife, age 48, born IRE, parents born IRE.

Jennie LATIMER, dau, age 24, born OH, Clks Dry Good, parents born IRE.

Martha B. LATIMER, dau, age 22, born OH, Clks Dry Good, parents born IRE.

Ann E. LATIMER, dau, age 20, born OH, At Normal School, parents born IRE.

Jay LATIMER, son, age 16, born OH, school, parents born IRE.

Essie LATIMER, dau, age 10, born OH, school, parents born IRE.

Howard LATIMER, son, age 7, born OH, school, parents born IRE.

William MILLER, other, age 23, born NY, studying medicine, parents born NY.

John B. RHONEHONY, other, age 23, born OH, Clk Shoe Store, parents born OH.

Robert MOORE, other, age 29, born IRE, Carpenter, parents born IRE.

Martha KUEGLAR, other, age 13, born NY, Servant, father born Hanover, mother born OH.


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