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Old Prison Records Other Countries

Australia Fremantle Prison

Convict Database Search

1900-1967 Prisoner Executions in Australia


Canada Prison Records

1695 English Captives Ransomed from Quebeck

1748 Canadian Prisoners brought from Louisburg on the Schooner Brittania

1788-1855 Convicts Shipped from Lower Canada to Australia

1828-1859 Public Executions in Hamilton, Haldimand & Brant, Ontario, Canada

1853-1929 Criminal Assize Clerk criminal indictment files in Huron County, Ontario, Canada

1853-1929 Criminal Assize Clerk criminal indictment files for Kent County, Ontario, Canada

1875-1916 Convict Deaths in British Columbia Penitentiary

1884 Prisons of British Columbia with some prisoner lists


England Prison Records

1606 and Onward Executions in England

1674-1834 Proceedings of The Old Bailey   Names Search Engine

1735-1799 Executions in England and Wales

1801-1877 Bedford Gaol (This database has gone offline)

1851 Census of Bedford Prison, St. Paul, Bedfordshire

1851 Prisoners Transported from Kent, England

1852 Prisoners Transported from Kent, England

1868-1899 Private Executions in English and Welsh Prisons

1871 Census of Manors Chare Jail

1881 Census of Walton Gaol H. M. Prison, Lancashire

1900-1931 Executions in English and Welsh Prisons

Crime & Punishment at Newgate & Newcastle Gaols

Lincolnshire Convicts Transported to Australia, Gibralter Bermuda

Maidstone Prison in Kent - History, photos, early prisoners and executions 

Newgate Prison Inmates

Prison Records held at the National Archives


Ireland Prison Records

1800s Criminals Transported from Mallow Parish, County Cork to Australia

1737-1743 Prisoners Transported from County Donegal to America

1788-1868 Prisoners Transported from County Donegal to Australia

1839 Prisoners in Carrickfergus, County Antrim Prisons

1848-1870 Homicides in County Westmeath, Ireland

1849 Crime Convictions in County Mayo, Ireland

1881 County Tipperary, Ireland - People arrested and imprisoned under the Coercion Act of 1881 for land league activities.

1901-1961 Executions in Northern Ireland

County Tipperary Convicts  &  1849-1850 Convict Exiles from Tipperary  at Cara's Convict Research.

Transportation Records Database of Prisoners at National Archives - Prisoners from Ireland to Australia 1791-1853.


Scotland Prison Records

1536-1784 Celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland (PDF FILE)

1651 Scottish Prisoners

A ship passenger list of "The John & Sara" bound for New England with Scottish Prisoners aboard.  Also see Exiled Scots in Durham, New Hampshire.

1801-1899 Prisoner Executions in Scotland

1900-1963 Prisoner Executions in Scotland

Inverary Jail

Includes a database of former prisoners.  It includes transported prisoners and can be searched.  You will find the prisoner's name, dates of imprisonment, and their town of origin.  Includes an interactive tour so you can get an idea of what it was like to be in prison.

Jail and Bail Bond Books of Dumfries

This is a searchable database which includes jail books 1714-1788 and bail bond registers 1775-1810.

The jail in Dumfries also held prisoners all over the country, including Kirkcudbrightshire.


Wales Prison Records

1730-1830 Criminals in Amlwch

Interesting criminal record data comes from the National Library of Wales.

1735-1799 Executions in England and Wales

1868-1899 Private Executions in English and Welsh Prisons

1900-1931 Executions in English and Welsh Prisons



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