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Surnames in this Family Bible: Amos, Blake, Childs, Cloud, Conner, Crossland, Flood, Gross, Holder, Hood, Killgore, Kinzler, Lindsey, Lockhart, Logsdon, McChesney, Moore, Sparks, Spence, Turk.



This Certifies
That Maxine E. MOORE
of Carthage, Missouri
and Carl Conner LINDSEY
of Carthage, Mo.
Bonds of Holy Matrimony
At Mt. Vernon, Missouri on the 24th day of October in the year of our Lord 1942
In Presence of: is blank
Signed: is blank.


Name: Calvin Caleb LINDSEY Maiden Name: Cordia.

Name: Samuel CONNER

Father: Robert Lee LINDSEY
Mother: Lettie May LINDSEY
Married at: Santo Texas
Date: Jan. 1902

Date of Birth: Feb 14 - 1877
Date of Death: Sep 6 - 1947
Burial Place: Stewart, Ark

Date of Birth: May 28 - 1876
Date of Death: Feb 12 - 1950
Burial Place: Carthage, MO


written in corner: SPENCE

Name: Shafer LOGSDON

Father: Thomas Monroe FLOOD
Mother: Effie Lorraine HOOD (LOGSDON)

Date of Birth: January 20 - 1879
Date of Death: midnight Dec 31st, 1948 (was first written as January 1).
Burial Place: Carthage, Mo.

Date of Birth: March 29 - 1888
Date of Death: Oct 23 - 1939
Burial Place: Carthage, Mo.


Carl C. LINDSEY 8-16-1912.

Maxine E. LINDSEY 8-11-1922.

Beverley 4-28-1941.

Monroe 8-14-1946.

Sharon 4-26-1950.

Brother and Sister Birth-Days

Ida Hocker August 23 - 1894.

Lyndon LINDSEY March 4 - 1904.

Lucille McCHESNEY June 23 - 1907.

R. L. LINDSEY Sep 7 - 1917.

Grandson - Lemuel Paul KILLGORE June 2, 1958.

Grandouther - Trease Len KILGORE Nov 8, 1959.

Ira Frances May 21 1972.

Grandson - Robert Monroe LINDSEY May 19, 1966.

Grand Daughter - Kristina Kay LINDSEY June 24.

Daughter In Law Kay - April 29

Notes written on left margin of page:
Lyndon (Dwight, Winifred, Linda
Lucille (Wayne
RL ( - Ida)


August 10, 1957.

August 8, 1964.

Sharon Lee LINDSEY -- Dan CLOUD
Dec 20, 1969
Ended March 1970.
Remarried Ronald AMOS
November 23, 1970.

Robert M. LINDSEY & Leslie SPARKS May 23, 1992.

Ryan LINDSEY & Terra LOCKHART July 27, 2002.

Dad Conner & Mom Maxine Oct. 24 - 1942.


Nettie LINDSEY Passed away Feb 15 - 1955.

Winifred LINDSEY (CROSSLAND) Passed away Nov 24, 1961.

Lucille McCHESNEY Feb. 17, 1969 Conners Sister.

Susan LINDSEY (Lyndons 2nd wife).

Ida HOLDER (Conners 1/2 Sister) July 1968.

Carl Conner LINDSEY Passed Away Sept 6, 1973.

(Editor's note: This page was used to list more family members and genealogy)

My Grandmother Flood's maiden name was SPENCE (my Dads mother).

My Fathers Brothers & Sisters
Years Ago 1973
111 yrs ago, Mary Jane FLOOD, Baptist, Born March 15 - 1862

109 yrs ago, Edward Lee FLOOD, Baptist, Born May 26 1864, Died Feb 5 1923, age at death 59.

107 yrs ago, Nannie Eliz. FLOOD, Baptist, Born Aug 13 1866, Died Mar 11 1927, age at death 61.

104 yrs ago, Sarah Ellen FLOOD, Baptist, Born May 15, 1869.

102 yrs ago, Noah Franklin FLOOD, Baptist, Born Sept 7 1871, Died Dec 12 1920, age at death 49.

98 yrs ago, John William FLOOD, Baptist, Born May 12 1875, Died Dec 5 1878, age at death 3.

94 yrs ago, Thomas Monroe FLOOD (my dad), Baptist, Born Jan 20 1879, Died Midnight Dec 31 1947, age at death 68.

Kids (Cousins
Kath(Shafer Alexander GROSS, Priscilla Kathrene GROSS

Tom (Bob FLOOD, Richard FLOOD

Serena (Gloria Lorraine KINZLER, George Timothy TURK, J. Lee BLAKE

Elga (Tom FLOOD, Lota FLOOD, Linda FLOOD

WJ - O

Maxine (Beverly MOORE, Monroe LINDSEY, Sharon LINDSEY

Military SERVICE RECORD Page 2
(Editor's note: Again, this page was used to list more family members and genealogy)

(Mama Maxine Lindsey) mother - father sisters & brothers

Effie Lorraine FLOOD March 29th 1888.

Thomas Monroe FLOOD Jan 20th 1879.

Eleanor Kathrene FLOOD May 18, 1907.

Thomas Jefferson FLOOD Oct 28, 1908.

Elga Leroy FLOOD Nov 10, 1910.

Serena Lorraine FLOOD July 31, 1914.

W. J. FLOOD Feb 1 - 1921.

Maxine Elizabeth FLOOD Aug 11, 1922.

Footnotes: Submitted by Robert M. Lindsey.  Be sure to see the Lindsey Family Bible Images on our site and Mr. Lindsey has also uploaded photos and more genealogy information at


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Dolan, Cass, Missouri, Page 27C

Jos M. FLOOD, head, age 44, born IN, farmer, parents born KY.

Allie F. FLOOD, wife, age 38, born VA, parents born VA.

Edward L. FLOOD, son, age 16, born MO, works on farm, father born IN, mother born VA.

Nannie G. FLOOD, dau, age 13, born MO, at home, father born IN, mother born VA.

Noah F. FLOOD, son, age 8, born TX, father born IN, mother born VA.

Thomas M. FLOOD, son, age 1, born MO, father born IN, mother born VA.


Susana S. FLOOD, head, age 67, born KY, Keeps House, parents born VA.

Kate J. FLOOD, dau, age 36, born IN, at home, parents born KY.

Lewis SHIELDS, other, age 24, born IN, farmer.

Daniel HOPPER, other, age 18, born OH, farm laborer.


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