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The Mormon Church (LDS or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) is well known for their collection of genealogy records.  Search the Mormon Church's huge genealogy record collection in the free genealogy search engine below.  There is much information contained in their databases but finding what you are searching for can be tricky.  Be sure to try various spellings of the surname and first name.  Even try using first initials if you can't find the person you are searching for by using their full name.  Checking "Exact Spelling" will search for the name spelled in ONLY the way you have entered it in the search engine and therefore will put a limit on results.  This option is not recommended in your initial search.  Good Luck!


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LDS Mormon Church Family Search Site

You will find searches, indexes and a bottomless amount of helpful information on how to find genealogy records.  This is one of the free genealogy sites on the internet you must bookmark and cannot be without.


1880 US, 1881 British, and 1881 Canadian Census Search at LDS

These census records have been transcribed and placed online in a searchable database.  You are given many options for searching these census records, which gives you a better chance of locating the ancestors you are searching for.  Be sure to try various spellings.  The search is set up with an option for exact spelling of the surname.  Due to so many spelling errors in the actual documents along with the spelling errors which occurred in the transcription of these records, many names are misspelled and some are garbled beyond recognition.  Leaving the exact spelling option off, gives you the your search the power to check various spellings.  You are given the option to search all of these census databases at one time or select them individually so if you KNOW your ancestors were in the United States, of course select U.S. or in Canada, select Canada etc...


International Genealogy Index at the LDS Mormon Church

This fantastic resource is a partial index to vital records from all over the world.  Be sure to check original records to be sure this information is accurate..  Do not use the information found here as fact.  In fact, it is the wise genealogist who will always check original documents for accuracy.  There are a lot or genealogical errors found online.


Pedigree Resource File at the LDS Mormon Church

These are files which have been submitted by both members and nonmembers of the Mormon Church who have researched their ancestry.  These can contain great clues but be aware, there are a vast amount of errors in these files.  Again, I can't stress this enough, DOCUMENT YOUR GENEALOGY INFORMATION WITH ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.  If you find a record transcription online, or a mention of a record online, be it a census record, vital record i.e. birth, death or marriage record, or any other type of record, get your hands on the original record or order a copy of the original document so you can verify the information yourself.  Remember.... all it takes is a typo by the transcriber and the date you have is wrong unless you have verified it yourself.  Without documentation, your genealogy research becomes mythology.  Sure it is great to speculate, that is how we draw our conclusions as to where we should search next, but keep your documented research separate from your speculative research.


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