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These links will take you to various obituary search engines maintained by Libraries,  Universities and other sources.  Many of them are indexes and actual copies of the obituaries must be ordered from the institution who holds the files.  These are a wonderful resource for old and new obituaries.  I have also included some death index search engines.  Use the state index to locate the state for which you are seeking obituaries.

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Augusta - Richmond County Public Library Vital Records Database - Located at the Augusts-Richmond Public Library, the database includes births, marriages deaths and other announcements which appeared in the Augusta Chronicle newspaper from 1981 to present day.

Cherokee County Death Index.  Located at Cherokee County GenWeb.

Columbus Enquirer Archive.  Located at The Digital Library of Georgia through the Georgia Public Library Service.  The searchable database features historical issues of the Columbus Enquirer dating back to 1828.

Georgia Death Certificates 1919-1927 - Provided by the Georgia Archives in Georgia's Virtual Vault.  The statewide death certificate database is searchable by name, county of death, year of death and death certificate number.  Actual images of the death certificates are available online.  It includes years 1919-1927 but is primarily made up of certificates from 1917-1918.  Also see the 1928-1930 Georgia Non-Indexed Death Certificates.

Macon Telegraph Archive.  Located at The Digital Library of Georgia through the Georgia Public Library Service.  The searchable database features historical issues of the Columbus Enquirer dating back to 1826.

Milledgeville Historic Newspapers Archive.  Located at The Digital Library of Georgia through the Georgia Public Library Service.  The searchable database features historical issues of the newspapers published in Milledgeville, GA dating back to 1808.  Newspaper titles include: Federal / Confederate Union, Future Citizen, Georgia Argus, Georgia Journal, Milledgeville Intelligencer, Milledgeville News, The Reflector, The Southern Recorder, Southron, Standard of Union and The Union Recorder.

Savannah Morning News Obituary Search.  Located at the Live Oak Public Library.  The database features an index of obituaries appearing in the Savannah Morning News in years 1916-1926 and 1987-1996.


Also See:


Hawaii Newspaper Index.  Located at Hawaii State Library.  Includes 1989-present obituaries and other articles from the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin Newspapers.

1995-2004 Obituaries Index.  Located at Brigham Young University - Joseph F. Smith Library.  Includes obituaries 1995 - present found in the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin Newspapers.

Also See:


1911-1951 Idaho Death Index.  Located at RootsWeb.

1911-1951 Idaho Death Index Search Engine.  Located at Brigham Young University Archives.  Searches Idaho death records 1911-1951.

Boise Idaho Statesman Obituary Search.  Located at Brigham Young University.  The database contains an index of obituaries from the Idaho Statesman newspaper of Boise, ID covering years 1977 to present time.  The Boise Public Library will provide copies of obituaries found in the index.  See the: Obituary Copy Request Form.

Eastern Idaho Death Records Search Engine.  Located at Brigham Young University Archives.  Searches information from newspaper obituaries, cemetery records, funeral home records, funeral programs, sexton records and grave headstones.  The index also contains records of people from other localities who died in Eastern Idaho.

Idaho Obituary Index.  Located at Boise Public Library.  Includes 1977 - present day obituaries appearing in the Idaho Statesman newspaper.

Idaho Falls Obituary Index Search Engine.  Located at Brigham Young University at Idaho.  Searches obituaries from local area Idaho Falls newspapers.

Payette County, Idaho Obituary Project.  Located at Rootsweb.  Contains complete obituaries from the Fruitland Banner (1914-1917), New Plymouth Outlook (1904), New Plymouth Sentinel (1910-1922), Payette Enterprise (1909-1922), Payette Independent (1891-1914) and Payette Independent (1923-1924).

Also See:


Belleville Obituary Index.  Located at St. Clair Genealogy Society.  Includes 1897 - 1949 obituaries from the Millstadt Enterprise newspaper. 

Boone County Obituaries.  Located at the Boone County Historical Society.  Includes a searchable archive of over 20,000 obituaries.  Obits may be ordered for a small copy cost.

DeWitt County Obituaries with Index.  Located at the DeWitt County GenWeb.  Features a large index of obituaries from various sources with full obituaries.  Not a complete resource.

Freeburg Tribune Obituary Index.  Located at St. Clair County Genealogy Society.  Includes 1904-1939 obituaries from the Freeburg Tribune newspapers.

Highland Park, Illinois Obituary Indexes.  Located at Highland Park Public Library.  Includes 1874-2009 obituaries from local newspapers.

Morton Grove Obituary File.  Located at Morton Grove Public Library.  Includes mid 1970s to present day obituaries.

Skokie, Illinois Obituary Index Search Engine.  Located at Skokie Public Library.  Searches 1960 - present day obituaries from area newspapers.

St. Clair Genealogical Society Indexes.  Located at the St. Clair Genealogy Society.  Includes 1994-2007 Obituary Indexes for the Belleville News Democrat, 1904-1939 Obituary Index for the Freeburg Tribune newspaper, several cemetery tombstone indexes and a plethora of other genealogy databases.

Wheaton Vital Records Index

Located at the Wheaton Public Library.  The database features birth, marriage and death events which were printed in local Wheaton, Illinois newspapers.  Covers years 1885 to 1888 and is searchable by surname, event, place and soundex.  This project is ongoing.


Wilmette Life Obituary Index.  Located at Wilmette Historical Museum.  Includes 1923-1928 and 1977 - 2007 obituaries extracted from area newspapers. Out of Town Transfer of Bodies Index

Also See:


Alexandria-Monroe Public Library Obituary SearchLocated at the Alexandria Public Library.  Includes early to present day obituaries from the Alexandria Times-Tribune and the Anderson Herald-Bulletin newspapers.

Anderson Daily Bulletin 1921-1967 Obituary Index.  Located at the Anderson Public Library.  Includes obituaries from the Anderson Daily Bulletin.  Covers years 1921-1967. Copies of obituaries may be ordered from the library for a small fee.

Boone County Indexes - Located at the Thorntown Public Library.  The site provides PDF files of indexes to vital records, newspaper clippings, funeral home records and obituaries.

Bremen Enquirer Obituaries Search Engine.  Located at Bremen Public Library.  Contains 6234 records of obituaries prior to 1965 from the Bremen Enquirer newspaper.

Delaware County Record Image Search.  Located at the Muncie Public Library.  Includes 2002-2006 obituaries appearing in local Muncie newspapers along with some older obituaries.  Older ones are being added to the database.  The search also may include funeral home records, cemetery records, wills and court records.

Elkhart Obituary Index Search Engine.  Located at the Elkhart Public Library.  A work in progress will include 1921- present day obituaries from The Elkhart Truth.

Evansville, Indiana Local History Database.  Located at Willard Library, it comprises newspaper clippings of local value from the Evansville Press which ceased publication in 1998.  It is being incorporated with the Browning Genealogy Database.

Fort Wayne & Allen County 1841-2007 Obit Search Engine.  Located at the Friends of Allen County.  Includes obituaries from local Fort Wayne newspapers.

Frankfort Genealogy-Obit Database.  Located at the Frankfort Community Public Library, it contains obituaries between 1849 and 1986 appearing in the Frankfort Times, the Frankfort Crescent, and the Frankfort Banner newspapers.  This is an index but copies of obituaries may be ordered.

Fulton County Obituaries & Biographies.  Located at the Fulton County Public Library.  Includes 1910-2014 obituaries from the Rochester Sentinel newspaper with other resources 1858-1879 and .1880-1913

Garret Clipper Obituary Search Engine.  Located at Garrett Public Library.  Contains images of complete obituaries from the Garrett Clipper newspaper.

Hammond, IN Obituary Indexes.  Located at Hammond Public Library.  Includes 1939 - 2000 obituaries appearing in the Times newspaper.

Hendricks County Obituary Indexes.  Located in the Plainfield / Guilford Township Public Library.  Includes obituaries gleaned from local Hendricks County newspapers between 1866 and 2005.

Indianapolis Newspapers Database.  Located at Indiana State Library.  Includes 1848-1991 newspaper articles from The Indianapolis Herald, Indianapolis Journal, Indianapolis News and Indianapolis Sentinel. 

Also see: Indianapolis Commercial Database.  The Indiana State Library is creating a death index for Indianapolis based on the newspaper title "Indianapolis Commercial".  Currently the index begins in the 1920s and contains about 40,000 entries.

Jefferson County Obituaries - Located at My Indiana Home site.  A list of complete obituaries for people who died in Jefferson County Indiana and published in the Western Christian Advocate which was published in Cincinnati, OH. (Users must register)

Lawrenceburg Obituary Finder.  Located at the Lawrenceburg Public Library.  Searchable index to newspaper obituaries for Dearborn County.

Logansport Newspapers Database.  Index covers years 1848-1855 from the Logansport Journal, Logansport Weekly Journal and Logansport Democratic Pharos.  Includes articles of deaths, marriages, crime and misc. entries.

Madison County Area Obituary Database

Located at the Anderson Public Library.  Includes 1921-1967 obituaries appearing in the Anderson Daily Bulletin.

Madison County Area Cemetery Database

Located at the Anderson Public Library.  Includes over 70,000 people from 98 Madison County cemeteries.

Madison County Obituary Index.  Located at the North Madison County Public Library.  Comprises obituaries from the Ellwood Call-Leader from 1893 to present time.

Marion Obituary Index.  Located at the Marion Public Library.  Includes 1948, and 1950-1959 obituaries from Marion, IN newspapers.  Copies can be ordered.

Michigan City Obituary Search Engine.  Located at Michigan City Public Library.  Searches 90,000 obituaries from 1887 to present found in local newspapers.

Monroe County Obituary Index Search Engine.  Located at Monroe County Public Library.  Searches 1959 - present day obituaries from the Bloomington Herald-Times and Herald-Telephone newspaper.

Montgomery County Vital Statistics Search Engine.

Located at Crawfordsville District Public Library.  Includes obituaries, marriages, divorces, births, anniversaries and other events recorded in local Montgomery County newspapers between 1834 and 2006.

New Albany Newspapers Database.  Located at the Indiana State Library.  Articles indexed, include obituaries, deaths, marriages, and misc. entries from the New Albany Ledger, New Albany Ledger Standard, New Albany Daily Standard and the New Albany Weekly Tribune newspapers for years 1849-1889.

North Madison County Obituary Search.  Located at the North Madison County Public Library System - Indiana Room Collection.

Porter County 1938-2007 Obituary Index. Located at Porter County Public Library.  Includes 1938-2007 Obituaries from The Vidette Messenger & Vidette Times, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Randolph County Obituary Index.  Located at the dcoweb.  Features an index of obituaries from the Union City Evening Times and the Union City Times-Gazette covering years 1934-1945.

Scott County Chronicle Obituary and Death Index.  Located on RootsWeb.  Includes 1880-1949 Obituaries and Death Notices from The Chronicle Newspaper.

South Bend, Indiana Obituary Index Search Engine.  Located at St. Joseph County Public Library.  Searches obituaries 1913-present day.

St. Joseph County Obituary Index.  Located at the St. Joseph County Public Library.  Ongoing index of obituaries occurring in the South Bend Tribune 1913 through the present.

Sullivan County, Indiana Obituary Search Engine.  Located at the Sullivan County Library.  Database includes obituaries, obsequies and death notices 1870-1905 taken from the Sullivan Democrat, Sullivan Union and Carlisle Democrat newspapers.

Also See: Sullivan County Obituary Index for 1928 to present obituaries from the Sullivan Daily Times newspaper.

Switzerland County, Vevay Newspapers.  Located at Switzerland School Corporation.  Includes actual images of newspapers 1840-1901.  Newspapers include The Vevay Times and Switzerland County Democrat, and The Vevay Reveille.

Tell City - Perry County Obituary Finder.  Located at the Tell City-Perry County Public Library, the search engine searches for obituaries between the 1800s and 2008.

Union City Obituary Index.  Located at Darke County Genealogy Researchers Site.  Includes 1935-1941 obituaries from Union City Times newspapers.

Valparaiso, IN Obituaries Index.  Located at the Porter County Public Library.  Includes 1968 - 2007 obituaries published in the Vidette-Messenger and the Vidette-Times.

Vincennes Newspapers Database.  Located at the Indiana State Library.  Includes 1804-1827 index of articles including obituaries from the Indiana Gazette and the Western Sun.

Wabash Valley Obituary Index Search Engine.  Located at the Vigo County Public Library.  Searches obituaries from local area newspapers between 1900 and 2007. 

Wayne County Newspaper Search Engine.  Located at Morrisson-Reeves Library.  Includes items from the Palladium-Item newspaper from the 1830s.  Be sure to select "Local Newspaper Index" from the drop down menu.

Wells County Cemetery & Obituary Index.  Located at Wells County Public Library. Includes obituaries 1866-2000 from local newspapers.

Whiting, IN Obituary Index.  Located at Whiting Public Library.  Includes 1919 - 2001 obituaries from local newspapers.

Whitley County Obituary Finder. Located at the Peabody Public Library.  The obituary database includes obituaries from local newspapers dating from the 1800s through 2008.

Whitley County Obituaries Index.  The index covers years 1856-1910 and includes obituaries found in newspapers of Columbia City, IN.


Also See:


Adair County Obituary & Death Notice Index.  Located at the Adair County Anquestors.  Covers scattered years pre1900s to 1975.

Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil Index.  Located at the Council Bluffs Public Library.  Searchable database of news items and obituaries appearing in the Daily Nonpareil newspaper since June 1998.

Des Moines Newspaper and Obituary Index.  Located at the Des Moines Public Library.  The searchable database includes obituaries 1960 to present from the Des Moines Register, 1982 to present from the Business Record, 1992 to present from Cityview, 1907-1944 and 1960-1982 from the Des Moines Tribune, 1986-1992 from the Des Moines Skywalker, 2002-2004 from the Des Moines Press Citizen and scattered dates from issues of 1894-1951 in the Iowa Bystander.

Grinnell Obituary Database.  Located at the Stewart Library.  Over 18,000 obituary records from local newspapers dating back to 1871 are included.

Harrison County Obituary Index.  Located at the Harrison County GenWeb site, the index includes obituaries from the Harrison County News 1894-1904; Missouri Valley Times 1893-1920; and The Logan Observer 1898-1908.

Linn County Obituary Index.  Located at the Linn County GenWeb site.  The obituary index covers years 1930-1980s.  Copies of obituaries found in the index may be ordered from the Linn County Genealogical Society.

Mitchell County, Iowa Obituary Guide Page

O'Dell's Obituaries of Northwest Missouri and Southwest Iowa IndexThis great resource includes obituaries from Atchison County, Missouri, Nodaway County, Missouri, Page County, Iowa and Taylor County, Iowa.

Page County - Eickemeyer Funeral Chapel Obituaries.  Funeral home serves Clarinda, Iowa.  Includes obituaries from 1994 to present day.

Scott County Genealogy Databases.  Located at the Davenport Public Library.  Search for obituaries in the Quad City Times, Davenport Democrat and The Gazette, along with census and marriage records.

Sioux City Journal Index.  Located at the Sioux City Public Library.  Contains an index to obituaries and news items from the Sioux City Journal.  The searchable index covers years 1981 to present time.

Story County Index to Obituary Board.  Includes various obituaries from local newspapers. 

Taylor County ObituariesLocated at RootsWeb, the index includes newspaper abstracts, excerpts, death notices and obituaries from area newspapers of Bedford, IA, Clarinda, IA, Maryville, MO, Blockton, IA, Hopkins, MO, Shenandoah, IA and others.


Also See:

Miscellaneous Obituary and Deaths Resources:

 Search Historical Newspaper Collections

 RootsWeb Obituary Times Daily

 Obit Times Search Engine at RootsWeb

 Newspaper Obituaries Search Engine at Ancestry

 Instant Death Record Search

 Social Security Death Index Search Engine

 Cemetery Message Boards@GenForum

 United States Vital Records

 Order Birth & Death Records Online

 Search Recent Obituaries

Obituary Search Engines by Religion:

American Jewish Year Book Cumulative Index of Obituaries

American Friend Obituary Index.  Located at USGW Archives, it is an index of obituaries extracted from The American Friend, a Quaker publication.  Years include 1894-1960. Copies of obituaries may be requested from the Earlham College.

Christian Conservator Obituary Index.  Located at Huntington College.  Includes late 1800s to early 1900s obituaries.

Gospel Advocate Obituary Index - Church of Christ 1855-2006 

Seventh Day Adventist Obituary Search Engine

Mennobits - Obituaries of Amish and Mennonite Families 1864-1998.

Religious Telescope Obituary Alphabetical Index.  Located at Huntington College.  Includes 1800s-1900s obituaries from United Brethren publications.

Religious Telescope Obituary Geographical Index.  Located at Huntington College.  Includes 1800s-1900s obituaries from United Brethren publications.

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Obituaries are a rich source of genealogy data.  These obituary search tools will help you locate old and new obituaries online. If you can't locate an obituary online, try contacting a library in the area you are searching.  Most libraries have local newspapers on microfilm.


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