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Surnames in this Bible: Barber, Brand, Bryant, Gardner, Green, Grove, Harsha, Kendrick, Larabee, Loge, Mason, Northrup, Olin, Otis, Parker, Peck, Pratt, Smith


Almerin SMITH
Lois LARABEE June 7th 1807.

J. N. OLIN June 21st 1835.

Orpha A. SMITH
Albert KENDRICK Jan 1st 1835.

Justin A. SMITH
Jane A. BRAND Jan 1845.

Catherine L. SMITH
Wm. W. HARSHA May 7th 1846.

Martha P. SMITH
Albert KENDRICK Sept 10th 1840.

Jane D. LOGE Feby 1st 1848.

Eliza Ann MASON Dec 2nd 1853.

Josephine F. GARDNER Dec. 26, 1872.

Franklin S. SMITH
Ellen M. SMITH Dec 26, 1872.

SMITH, Justin L.
Mary L. GROVE Oct. 2, 1873.

Truman MASON
Esther PARKER Feb. 13, 1815.

James Orlag MASON
Releaf M. SMITH Apr. 16, 1837.

Linus R. MASON
Clarissa BARBER Sep. 22, 1839,

Fayette P. MASON
Lydia H. OTIS.

Jerome T. MASON
Dianna L. GREEN Jan. 20, 1848.

Alonzo P. MASON
Caroline NORTHRUP Feb 2 1849.

Phoebe J. MASON
James H. PRATT Jan 19, 1852.

Elizer Ann MASON
Eli C. SMITH Dec 2nd 1853.

Horace G. MASON
Eugenia PECK Jan 18, 1854.

Fayette P. MASON
Elizabeth BRYANT 2nd marriage.


Almerin Son of Nathan & Hannah SMITH - Aug 16th 1783.
Manghistin?? VT.

Lois daughter of John & Mary LARABEE Shoreham VT Aug 22nd 1787.

Lucy M. Daughter of Almerin & Lois SMITH Aug 28th 1808.
Shoreham VT.

Orpha A. - Shoreham VT June 17th 1811.

Martha P. Sept 7th 1816
Ticonderoga NY.

Justin A. Dec 29th 1819
Ticonderoga NY.

Catherine L. Apr 2nd 1822
Ticonderoga NY.

John L. Oct 11th 1825
Ticonderoga NY.

Eli C. Apr 23rd 1829
Ticonderoga NY.

Adin A. Son of Albert and Orpha A. KENDRICK in Ticonderoga NY
Jan 6th 1836.

Lucy O. March 25th 1838
Ticonderoga NY.

Albert L. Son of Albert and Martha P. KENDRICK May 1871
Linnville NY.

Justin L. Dec 10th.

Mary Lois Daughter of William and Catherine L. HARSHA
Johnna Ills. Apr 21 1847.

George Almerin May 20tj 1849
Linnville NY.

Orpha Ann Nov. 24th 1848
Hanover Ills.

William Justin Apr. 23rd 1846.

Truman MASON Son of Coomer MASON.
Esther Daughter of BLANK PARKER.

Orleg Son of Truman and Esther MASON Dec 25th 1813.

Linus R. Nov. 14. 1815.

Betsey Ann - Apr. 28. 1817.

Fayette R. Sep. 2. 1818.

Jerome T. Feb. 14. 1821.

Horace G. Mar. 5 1822.

Alonzo P. Mar 16 1824.

Phebe Jane Feb 21st 1828.

Elizer Ann June 2nd 1832.

Alonzo G. Son of James O. & Releaf M. MASON
Little Rock, AR.

Emma Y.
Greenwich NY.

Marion Eliza Daughter of Linus R. and Clarissa MASON
Granville, N.Y.

Louissa Releaf.
Granville NY.

Frederick M.
Granville NY.

Lelon C.
Granville NY.

Catherine Jane Daughter of John L. & Jane D. SMITH
Granville, NY May 1849.

Frank Llye SMITH son of John L. & Jane SMITH
Granville Jan 15, 1851.

Edward L. Son of Jerome T. and Dianna MASON
Galesville NY Dec 25th

Henry Franklin
Galesville N.Y.

Frederick P.
Galesville, N.Y. Apr. 11, 1853

Jeannie Lara Daughter of Fayette P. and Lydia H. MASON,
Galesville N.Y.

Catherine Eliza Daughter of Alonzo P. and Caroline MASON Fon Du
Lac Wis.

Harriet S. -
Greenwich N.Y.

Ella Jane Daughter of James H. and Phebe Jo PRATT
Bloomfield N.Y. July 1853.

Anna E. Oct 18 1856
Caroline Eliza,
Frank 1868
Lora E. June 10, 1873.

Mason Almerin Son of Eli C. and Eliza A. SMITH b.

Herbert Olin Sep 6 1858.

Edward Tramain July 26 1861.

Justin Orla.

Orpha A. Daughter of Almerin & Lois SMITH Aged 28
Granville N.Y. Feb 14th 1840.

Almerin Son of Nathan & Hannah SMITH June 13th 1854
Savanna Ills Aged 71 yrs.

Mary Lois Daughter of William W. & Catherine L. HARSHA in
Granville N.Y. June 20th 1849.
Aged 2 yrs & 2 mths.

George Almerin - Son of W. W. & C. L. HARSHA
Hanover Ills.

Lois SMITH, daughter of John & Mary LARABEE and wife of Almerin
SMITH, Waukesha Wis.
November ? 15th, 25th, ??th 1856

Catherine L. HARSHA daughter of Almerin & Lois SMITH,
Jacksonville ?? Nov 1?, 1876.

John L. SMITH son of Almerin & Lois SMITH Omaha Nov. 25. 1888.

Lucy M. OLIN daughter of Amerlin & Lois SMITH Died on Feb. 15,

Justin A. SMITH son of Almerin & Lois SMITH Morgan Park Feb 4

Betsey Ann Daughter of Truman and Esther MASON in ?? Ann NY.

Lydia H. MASON Daughter of ?Jardis and Sarah OTIS in Galesville
N.Y. May 13th 1853.

Edward L. Son of Jerome T. and Dianna MASON in Galesville N.Y.

Henry Franklin Son of Jerome T. and Dianna MASON in Galesville

Footnotes: There is a lot of genealogy information contained in this Family Bible, particularly for the Smith and Mason family.  The images of the family record pages in this old Bible were generously donated by Krista, an antique dealer. 

All of the Bible pages have been scanned and the images may be viewed at:

Smith Bible Records & Images


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1850 United States Federal Census Records show:

Granville, Washington County, New York, Page 321.

Almerin SMITH, age 67, Farmer, born VT

Lois SMITH, age 63, born VT

Eli SMITH, age 21, Farmer, born NY.

Helen MAR, age 20, born Ireland.

Catharine DOYLE, age 15, born Ireland.

Pat HUGHY, age 26, born Ireland.


John L. SMITH, age 24, Farmer, born NY.

Jane SMITH, age 24, born NY.

Catharine SMITH, age 1, born NY.


1850 United States Federal Census Records show:

Greenwich, Washington County, New York, Page 206.

James C. MASON, age 36, belt plugger, born NY.

Relief MASON, age 36, born VT.

Alonzo T., age 11, born AR.

Emma F., age 5, born NY.


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