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Surnames in this Bible: Alexander, Andrews, Biggar, Birney, Bowles, Browne, Bryce, Burrell, Carey, Childs, Churchill, Clogher, Comstock, DeLand, Dix, Dixon, Everett, Fletcher, Ford, Gilmore, Gilluly, Hall, Hewit, Hitchcock, Hollister, Humphrey, Jackson, Kern, Leech, Luther, Mackey, Owen, Payne, Percival, Pond, Rockwell, Scripture, Shulden, Taylor, Warren, Wessell, Wenham, Whittier, Wilson, Wooster


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David S. WOOSTER Born Feb 11th 1800

Elizabeth WARREN Born March 19th 1808.

Emmarilla E. WOOSTER Born Sept 26th 1837.

Clarissa A. WOOSTER Born Sept 19th 1839.

Hiram N. WARREN Born Nov 18th 1833.

Livingston WOOSTER Born July 1st 1848.

Clarissa A. WOOSTER

Ella C. WESSELL Born Nov 22nd 1861.

Luvia J. WESSELL Born Oct 24th 1863.

Lora E. WESSELL Born June 11th 1869.




Aug 29 1826.

Charles M. ALEXANDER Born Oct 10 1852.

Calvin L. ALEXANDER Born Feb 21 1855.

Elnora E. ALEXANDER Born Jan 7 1857.

Emondilla J. ALEXANDER Born Jan 21 1860.


Isaac WOOSTER Family

Isaac WOOSTER Born Dec 4th 1768.

Huldah WOOSTER Born Oct 4th 1766.

Olive WOOSTER Born March 10th 1790.

Mabel WOOSTER Born May 25th 1792,

David L. WOOSTER Born Feb 11th 1800.

Meel W. BROWNE born June 1st 1891.

Arthur K. BROWNE born June 6th 1893.

Lena G. BROWNE born Dec 11th 1896.

Milo E. WENHAM born Aug 26th 1900.

Grace A. BRYCE Born born May 26 1903.

Clarissa M. BRYCE May - 18 - 1906.

J. Stanley BRYCE Feb. 29 - 1908.

Marion W. BRYCE Mar. 15. 1912.




Left hand side of page:

David S. WOOSTER Married to Widow Elizabeth WARREN September 15th 1836.

Emmarilla E. WOOSTER and David W. ALEXANDER Maried July ? 1852.

Clarissa A. WOOSTER and Milo B. WENHAM maried January 16 1861.

Ella C. WESSELL and Walter BROWNE Married March 28 1889.

Luvia J. WESSELL and Stephen WENHAM married March 31 1891.

Lora E. WESSEL and John J. BRYCE married Dec 4 1901.

Clarissa A. WESSELL and Geo. P. BOWLES married Nov 27 - 1888.

Right hand side of page:

Isaac WOOSTER family

Olive WOOSTER married to Asahel JACKSON June 1st 1811.

Mabel WOOSTER married to Wm. J. CHILDS Dec 12th 1822.

Olive JACKSON married to Josiah HEWIT Oct 22 1823.

David L. WOOSTER married to Widow Elizabeth WARREN September 15th 1836.

Hiram N. WARREN and Elenor E. HALL married Nov 22 1853.




Hiram WARREN Died Jan 23rd 1834

Aged 26 years 3 months

Livingston WOOSTER Died Oct 8th 1850

Aged 2 years, 3 months, 7 days.

Emmarilla E. ALEXANDER Died January twenty eight 1860 aged twenty two years and four months and 2 days.

David W. ALEXANDER Died Oct 12 1864 or 1867?

Arthur R. BROWNE Died Dec 24 - 1893.



Isaac WOOSTER Died Feb 4th 1840 Aged 72 years 2 months.

Huldah WOOSTER Died March 12th 1840 Aged 74 years 5 months 8 Days.

Mabel CHILDS Died August 29th 1826 Aged 34 years, 3 months, 4 days.

Asahel JACKSON (son in law) Died Sept 17th 1821.

Josiah HEWIT (Son in law) Died April 26th 1838.

David S. WOOSTER Died Sept 25th 1865 Aged 65 years, 7 months, 14 days

Elizabeth WOOSTER Died Oct 29 1879 Aged 71 years 7 months 10 days.


Small newspaper clipping glued on bottom of page reads:

FLETCHER - In this city, Sunday, Dec 16, 1870, Stuart Charles, Infant of John H. and Sarah BOWLES FLETCHER, aged 2 months, 3 days.


Handwritten on loose notebook paper sheets inside the Bible:

Page 1


Fanny Ford WILSON died May 7th 1894. aged 23 yrs.

Alonzo DeLAND died May 10th 1894 aged 23 yrs.

Charlotte Bowles DeLAND died Nov 20th 1897 aged 63 years 8 months & 17 days.

Geo F. BOWLES Died Aug 21 1898 aged 38 years.

Stuart C FLETCHER died Dec 16th 1900.

United to the Presbyterian Church at Jerrow Centres ??

Charlotte E. BOWLES Mar 1st 1888

George P. BOWLES Mar 7th 1886.

Chas. A. BOWLES Mar 7th 1886.

Sarah A. BOWLES mar 7th 1886.

Martha M. BOWLES mar 7th 1886.


Handwritten on loose notebook paper sheets inside the Bible:

Page 2



G. P. BOWLES Born Oct 21st 1828.

Amelia M. PAYNE - Nov 2nd 1831.

Charlotte E. ANDREWS - Aug 5th 1849.

George F. BOWLES - Aug 21st 1860.

Charles A. BOWLES - Oct 1?th (paper is torn here)

Charlotte M. BOWLES - July 20 1863.

Roscoe K. BOWLES - July 17th 1865.

Martha M. BOWLES - May 16th 1870.

Sarah A. BOWLES - May 26th 1873.



George P. BOWLES & Amelia M. PAYNE

Married Dec 11th AD 1853.


George P. BOWLES & Charlotte E. ANDREWS

Married Sept 2nd AD 1859.


Handwritten on loose notebook paper sheets inside the Bible:

Page 3


Geo P. BOWLES & Clarrissa A. WESSEL Married Nov 28th AD (page cut off)


Richard ANDREWS Died 19 (page cut off)

Aged 83 years.

Jessie Vail Died Nov 22nd 18?? (page cut off)

Aged 74 years.

Amelia M. BOWLES died Mar ??th (tear in paper) 1859 Aged 27 year (page cut off)

4 months and 13 days.

Charlotte BOWLES died Jun 12 1862. Aged 61 yrs 5 m and 20 days.

Charlotte E. BOWLES died July 1st in 1886 aged 44 years 10 months & 26 days.

George BOWLES died May 27th 1891 Aged 89 years 8 months 25 days.




On Monday in her late home near Lairdsville, occurred the death of Harriet BOWLES SCRIPTURE, wife of Mark SCRIPTURE.  Mrs. SCRIPTURE was in her 80th year, and was born in Cholcot, England, coming to this country when about seventeen years old.  Just before the war she married Mr. Scripture.  Several years ago the deceased fell and broke her hip and has since then been confined to her room.

Mrs. Scripture was a woman well known by her remarkable ability and her good works.  She was a person whom to know was to love, and her death will be greatly mourned by countless friends, as well as her immediate family.  She was a faithful attendant of St. James Church.

Of the Bowles family only two survive; George BOWLES of this village, and Mrs. Thomas FORD who resides on the West Hills.  Besides her husband she is survived by two children: Prof. Arthur M. SCRIPTURE of New Hartford, and Mrs. John TAYLOR of Lairdsville.

The funeral was largely attended from her late home on Thursday.  Rev. Oliver OWEN officiated.  Interment was made in the Clinton Cemetery.




Much sympathy is felt in Clinton and vicinity for the bereaved widow and family of Alonzo J. DeLAND, who was drowned at Syracuse on the night of the 16th Inst.

The deceased was a son of Scott DeLAND, who resides about three miles west of Clinton on the Vernon Center road.  He was married in November 1892, to Louise FORD a daughter of Thomas FORD, who resides in the town of Vernon, just west of the Kirkland town line.  She resided during the greater part of her life previous to her marriage, in the family of Andrew M. CAREY of Augusta Center, and was generally known as Louise CAREY.  Mr. DeLAND went to Syracuse the day before his death to make a short visit, leaving his wife and little child at his father's house.  He was spending the night with Mr. and Mrs. Robert WILSON on the mission boat "Good News" which was moored in the Oswego canal in Syracuse alongside of a lumber yard.  Fire broke out in the lumber  yard and quickly spread to this boat.  Mr. and Mrs. WILSON and Mr. DeLAND were awakened just in time to escape death by burning by jumping into the water.  Mr. WILSON succeeded in swimming to the shore, but Mr. DeLAND and Mrs. WILSON were drowned.  Mrs. WILSON was a sister of Mrs. DeLAND her maiden name being Fannie FORD.  The funeral of Mrs. WILSON was held at the residence of her father, Thomas FORD on Sunday the 18th Inst. and that of Mr. DeLAND was held at the residence of his father, Scott DeLAND on Monday, the 14th Inst.  Both were very largely attended.  The funeral sermons were preached by Rev. Mr. BIGGAR of Vernon Center, who officiated at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. DeLAND but a few short months before.  The blow falls with crushing force upon the widow of Mr. DeLAND, as she thus loses both her husband and sister, and is left with a little son, Morgan A. DeLAND, but 10 months of age.  Mr. DeLAND was an exemplary young man, and his loss will be deeply felt in the community.  he was born and spent his life in the vicinity of Clinton and had a large circle of friends.  He was but 23 years of age and leaves beside his widow and ?????? ????? father, ?????? and brother, Morgan DeLAND of Clinton, and one sister, Miss Hattie DeLAND.  The family of Mr. DeLAND express their heartfelt appreciation of the sympathy and many acts of kindness which have been extended to them by so many friends, both in this vicinity and in Syracuse.




Mrs. PERCIVAL, who will be remembered by many of our readers as an old resident of this village, but was removed west some years since, died at her residence, in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, on Sunday, May 21, aged 57 years.  From a paper of that place we extract the following:

It is with feelings of sorrow and surprise that this community heard, on Sunday evening last, of the sudden death of this estimable lady.  She has been in feeble health for some time, and, in fact, has not enjoyed good health for thirty years or more; but has not been confined to her bed at all, as we understood.  On Saturday evening she had a violent attack of gastralgia, or cramping in the stomach, to which she had been subject of late.  In the absence of Dr. GILLULY, the family physician, Dr. SHULDEN was called, who administered to the case as it seemed necessary, leaving directions for giving the medicine, ???.  About 12 o'clock relief was obtained, and at her suggestion, Mr. PERCIVAL retired to rest, and slept.  About 4 o'clock he awoke and feeling of his wife's hand, found it cold.  Procuring a light he discovered that the arm, to the elbow, was purple and cold, while the remainder of the body appeared to be warm.  Mrs. PERCIVAL seemed to be sick at the stomach, and in the intervals of retching, exclaimed, "I am so sick," two or three times.  Help was summoned, the Doctor sent for and chafing of the extremities resorted to, but no relief was obtained/ she dropping into a semi-comatose condition, and ceasing to breath about a quarter before 12 o'clock on Sunday.  On Monday morning, her daughter, Mrs. JACKSON, was summoned by telegraph from her home at Windsor, Ill., and arrived on the morning train Tuesday, accompanied by her husband and children.

The deceased was the daughter of Joseph and Abigal DIXON, and sister of Mrs. MACKEY of that village.  She was born in Rensselaer, Albany Co., N. Y., August 11th, 1817, and was married to her now bereft husband, in the autumn of 1837.

She made a profession of religion when about twenty-three years of age, and united with the M. E. Church, of which she remained a faithful member until the time of her death.  She leaves a husband, one daughter, and a large circle of relatives and friends, to mourn her departure.

The funeral services were held at 101/2 o'clock on Wednesday, at the Methodist Church, Rev. N. LEECH preaching the sermon.




George W. PAYNE of Clinton.

Clinton, Dec 27. -- George Whitfield PAYNE, a well-known and highly respected resident died suddenly at his home near here, Monday, after a short illness.  Pneumonia was the cause of death.

Mr. PAYNE was born in Lairdsville July 23, 1839 and was a son of Augustus PAYNE.  he was a member of the Baptist Church of this place and was an active worker for its welfare and advancement.  He was a kind-hearted, generous man, and his death is deeply deplored by a large number of friends and acquaintances.  To mourn the loss of a kind and devoted husband and father, there survive his wife and two sons, Lemuel, of this place and William of New York, and two daughters Mrs. George LUTHER of Sault Ste. Marie, Mich and Mrs. Charles LUTHER of Binghamton.  Much sympathy is expressed for the surviving relatives of Mr. PAYNE, as his is the third death that has occurred in the family during the last two months.

The photo of Mr. Payne from which the accompanying illustration was made, was taken some time ago but is a good likeness.




George W. PAYNE died at an early hour Monday morning.  Dec 23, at his home on College Hill, after less than a week's illness with pneumonia.  His brother Horace PAYNE, died of the same disease Dec. 12.  The deceased was a native of the town of Westmoreland and had always resided in the vicinity of Lairdsville, where he was well known.  Besides his wife he leaves two daughters, who married brothers, Charles and George LUTHER and two sons, Lemuel, who resided with his father and Willis J. who is a member of the police force in New York.  Mr. PAYNE was 62 years of age.  the funeral will occur on Thursday at 1 p. m. in the Lairdville church.





Interested in the Woolen Industry and Coal Business for Many Years.  Named the Empire Mill at Olnyville---Conducted a Station of an Underground Railway Traveled by Fugitive Slaves.

William Kerr GILMORE, an aged and well known resident of this city, was found dead in bed at his home, 12 Springgate street about 8 o'clock Friday morning.  He had been in good health until Thursday evening, when he complained of pain in his stomach.  To relieve this he was given some medicine, and when he retired he was apparently as well as usual.  Yesterday morning he did not make his appearance down stairs at his customary time, and his sister, who resided with him, went to his door and called to him.  Receiving no answer, she entered the room.  Her brother had evidently been dead for some hours and had apparently passed away peacefully.  A physician was called, and after an examination said that death had been caused by heart failure.  The coroner was also notified, but decided that no inquest was called for.

Mr. GILMORE was born in Dudley, Worcester county, Mass., December 24, 1817.  His education was very limited.  At the age of nine he went to work in a woolen factory at Dudley splicing rolls; then for four years he worked on a farm.  Then he became a card room boy in a factory at East Ford, Ashfordtown, County of Windom, Connecticut.  In 1884 he went to the village of Delhi, Delaware county, and was employed in the factory of his brother, James H. GILMORE, in making cloth for customers.  He remained there until 1837, when he removed to Great Barrington, Berkshire county, where he worked as a spinner til 1842.  Then he went to Little Falls, Herkimer county, and had charge of the spinning room in the old ????? woolen mill from 1842 to 1846.  Then he went to Claville and became superintendent of the new woolen mill just built by Fred HOLLISTER.  He started this mill and named it the Empire, a name which it still holds.  In the fall of 1847 he came to Utica, the Steam Woolen mill having just been built.  A. S. POND  was president of the company and W. C. CHURCHILL agent.  The factory made broadcloth and saliner ?? and did quite an extensive business.  Mr. GILMORE had charge of the departments for seven years and then when Peter CLOGHER was agent and discharged the duties of the office very satisfactorily for four or five years until 1857.  Then he went west for a year, at the end of which time he returned to Great Barrington, where he acted as superintendent of the Berkshire Woolen mill.  The Oneida county people who knew of his skill as a woolen manufacturer, however were loath to lose him, and a company was organized which purchased the Reservoir mills? at Eaton, Madison county, and W. C. CHURCHILL, Thomas ROCKWELL, James HITCHCOCK and Mr. GILMORE were in this company, and Mr. GILMORE conducted the mill for a year or two.  It was sold in the fall of 1860.  During the war, for twenty months Mr. GILMORE ran a woolen mill at Naugatuck, Conn., making cloth for army goods.  Then he went to Amesbury, Mass., where he helped M. BURRELL start a woolen mill, and here he continued for four months. 

Returning to Utica, he went into the coal business on Pine street with Harrison GILMORE for one year.  Then with his brother, Hiram, he formed the firm of W. K. GILMORE & Co which did business until 1871, at the corner of State and Lafayette streets, conducting what was known as the State street coal yard.  In June 1871, the firm of Harrison & W. K. GILMORE was formed, and for five years they were agents for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company, doing an extensive coal business at the foot of Schuyler street.  At the end of five years Mr. GILMORE took the business himself and conducted it very successfully until 1888, when he retired.

Mr. GILMORE would have been a marked man in any community; over six feet high, tall and straight as an arrow, he had the typical figure of the down east Yankee, and with all of his ingenuity and native force of character.  His integrity was of the strictest, most inflexible kind.  His education had been acquired in the hard school of experience.  In his dealings with his fellow men he was frank, often brusque, what he thought he spoke, without a particle of reserve for policy's sake, although his heart was as large as his giant frame and he never willfully hurt the feelings of any.  The soul of frankness himself, he hated all forms of deception and trickery in others and was not at all slow in denouncing them.  While he was superintendent of the Steam Woolens mills he conducted one of the stations of the underground railway, then much traveled by fugitive slaves en route to Canada.  Although the harboring of a fugitive slave was then against the law, Mr. GILMORE had the courage of his convictions, and it would have gone hard with any man, citizen or official, when attempted to interfere with a slave while he was in Mr. Gilmore's house or factory.  He knew he was right and so was absolutely fearless.  During the few months he worked in Amesbury, he went nearly every night to a store which John G. WHITTIER frequented and heard him express his views with a great deal of satisfaction.  The first vote Mr. GILMORE ever cast was for Edward EVERETT for governor of Massachusetts.  His first vote for President was cast for James G. BIRNEY, the antislavery candidate, and to his latest day Mr. GILMORE took a good deal of satisfaction in the fact that he had cast that vote because he knew he was right.  The party to which he belonged was swallowed by the "Barnburners" in 1844, when Joshua HUMPHREY stumped the country for Harrison.  In the Fremont campaign the Republican part was formed in Utica in Waters tavern on the site afterwards long occupied by St. Patrick's Church.  Mr. GILMORE was in it when the party was formed and has been in it ever since.  He was once assessor of the Sixth Ward and has been a delegate to the county convention on several occasions.  He was a delegate to the state convention in Utica which nominated John A. DIX for governor.  For years he was a member of the Utica Mechanics Association and for four or five years a member of the Central City Lodge of Odd Fellows.  He attended the Universalist Church.

Mr. GILMORE was a great fisherman and had fished at about every point in the Adirondacks on this side of the mountains.  With R. J. COMSTOCK and others he had fished at Redfield, Osceola, Lawrence and other points in Oneida and Oswego counties, making the trip from Utica by wagon and remaining two or three days.  There were few years from 1846 down to the present time in which he did not do some fishing, and, as he expressed it, he had boxed the fishing compass all around Utica.  Those who attended him on his fishing excursions, as well as those who knew him in business or private life, have cause to remember the kindly heart and his sympathetic nature.  His welcome was as hearty as it was gruff and although his language was not always taken from the dictionary, it certainly did not lack in being expressive or forcible.  In his politics, as in his sports, he was as enthusiastic, as earnest and as indefatigable as a school boy, never discomfited or discouraged.  He was patient, slow to anger and very kindly in all his dealings, and always staunch in the defense of right.  When, however, his position was attacked or his motives impugned, he could rise to heights of indignation and wrath which were simply majestic.  Such occasions in his life were very rare, but when they came he resembled a volcano in action.  For many years he was one of the directors of the Utica Fish and Game Protective Association.

In 1848 Mr. GILMORE married Caroline KERN, who died October 7, 1863 at Naugatuck, Conn., and was buried there.  For over 20 years he lived at 16 Huntington street.  His children are W. H. and Mrs. Clara GILMORE of Utica.  His sister, Caroline G. has kept house for him many years.  He also leaves a granddaughter, Miss Mae GILMORE of Utica.


Footnotes:  Submitted by John Whalen to be published by  See the actual images from this Bible!


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Vernon, Oneida County, NY, Page 241B

B. Milo WESSELL, age 43, born NY, Farmer, parents born NY.

Clarissa A. WESSELL, wife, age 40, born NY, father born CT, mother born VT.

Ella C. WESSELL, dau, age 18, born NY, parents born NY.

Luvia J. WESSELL, dau, age 16, born NY, parents born NY.

Lora E. WESSELL, dau, age 11, born NY, parents born NY.



1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Westmoreland, Oneida County, NY, Page 403A.

George P. BOWLES, age 53, Born Eng, Farmer, parents born Eng.

Charlotte BOWLES, wife, age 38, born Eng, parents born Eng.

George F. BOWLES, age 19, born NY, parents born ----

Charles A. BOWLES, age 18, born NY, parents born ----

Charlotte BOWLES, age 16, born NY, parents born ----

Roscoe K. BOWLES, age 14, born NY, parents born ----

Martha M. BOWLES, age 10, born NY, parents born ----

Sarah A. BOWLES, age 7, born NY, parents born ----

Previous household:

George BOWLES, age 79, born Eng, Farmer, parents born Eng.

Angeline BOWLES, wife, age 69, born NY, parents born CT.

Previous household is the DeLAND household.


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